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Woohoo! Little baby James, 22 months, now has a new sibling. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have safely welcomed a second child, although the sex and name of the baby is yet to be announced. Hours after her delivery, gal pal Taylor Swift visited Lively and the newborn at the


We’d all love a beautiful Instagram feed that showcases visual consistency and colour coordination, but let’s be real – it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Although we may never in a million years be Insta-famous for our feeds, at least we can still lay our eyes on other people’s

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In a rusty but trusty VW Bug, two good friends, Dan Churchill and Hayden Quinn head off on an adventure around Australia. The two blokes share a love for cooking, surfing, travel, adventure; and that’s what Surfing the Menu: Next Generation is all about. Together, they meet passionate producers of of


Wanderlust no more! In conjunction with Vietnam’s Autumn Online Friday – -the country’s online shopping day — Vietjet Air will be offering a really good deal on one million flight tickets — priced from as low as RM0. The promotion will be available on 30 September 2016, during the golden hour, from 12PM


Princess Charlotte was heard saying a few words in public! The super-cute Princess Charlotte and her brother Prince George were both playing at a children’s party in Canada with parents Prince William and Kate Middleton. While playing, Princess Charlotte was overheard saying, “pop pop” and even called Prince William “Dada”.

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They say imitation is the finest form of flattery, but maybe Apple took it a bit too far. A Reddit user has uploaded pictures of what appears to be the new iPhone 7 Plus, and it did not look good. The phone looks scorched, and the user was not too

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In bizarre news.. A buzzing vibrator that was found in a rucksack of a passenger on a Thai AirAsia flight FD3438 from Chiang Mai to Bangkok was mistaken for a ticking time bomb, and naturally caused panic amongst airline staff. The staff hurriedly radioed bomb disposal personnel to the site

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The classic bun hairstyle, or the top knot, is quick, easy to do, gets the hair out of the way, and most importantly, it looks good. But, a former dancer Diva Hollands is warning others of the danger of wearing your hair too tightly. After years of wearing her hair


After being stationed at a counter in the new wing of 1 Utama Shopping Centre for the past five years, KENS apothecary has moved to a brand new store strategically located at a more prominent spot in the old wing. Synonymous with its other two outlets, the multi-brand beauty boutique will offer


K-beauty lovers, rejoice! Stylenanda-owned makeup label 3CE will be introducing its Barbapapa collection at all Sephora outlets starting 13th October 2016. The limited edition collection features the children’s book-turned-cartoon character Barbapapa on 3CE’s products. Check out what the collection has in store for you: 1. Lip Colour Matte With a creamy texture, this lip colour leaves