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Yesterday, Fox has released the final trailer for Logan, which sees Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as a world-weary Wolverine who helps out a young female mutant on the run, giving fans a deeper look into the relationship between the title mutant and Dafne Keen’s X-23. In the near future, an older, grayer


  On Wednesday, a video surfaced on TMZ showing a trainer forcing a German Shepherd into turbulent waters on the set of the film A Dog’s Purpose. The video has since gone viral and enraged everyone including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who has since called for a boycott of

Survival game in Siberia

So what happens when an egomaniac with tremendous amount of money bumps into unlimited access to technology and volunteers who are more than willing to slave themselves for some extra cash? We get the real live version of Hunger Games. Yes. For real, brah. Following the success of the movie franchise,


Chicken is life, even more so when it’s Nando’s! Since 1988, Nando’s has been the top purveyors of spice and flavour through its prized flame grilled PERi-PERi meals. Thus, after 19 years of operation in Malaysia, the local’s favourite roasted chicken hub is celebrating the New Year with a sweet

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Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau is currently in Thailand for the shooting of a film, but things took a turn for the worst as he fell off a horse while filming a scene for a commercial. He was riding the horse in the Takua Pa District when the mammal threw him off

Fyza Kadir (2)

Last week, renowned luxury skincare brand, SK-II, has introduced this country’s very own Beauty Circle, which comprises of highly-influential and inspiring social influencers who set Maison Francaise at Changkat Kia Peng abuzz with laughter and wonderful chit-chat. Ranging from actresses, beauty gurus and makeup artists to TV hosts and seasoned bloggers,

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Uh oh! Looks like Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott Eastwood, is currently under hot water for a cliff jump in Sydney, which was recorded and posted as an Instagram video. He’s currently in Australia filming Pacific Rim, and had a day off, but the only problem is that the particular cliff is

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Take note: A new phishing attack is making rounds on Gmail, and even savvy users are falling for it. It’s being utilised right now with a high success rate, and the scam’s objective is to steal usernames and passwords for Gmail, along with other services. It starts with an email

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For years, conspiracy theories have been spun around Disney Pixar movies transpiring within the same universe, but the studio has never really confirmed or denied if the allegations were true.. until this week. As it turns out, the conspirators were right all along: all Pixar films are related! Disney has finally

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Dubbed as the Beast of Dufftown by whisky aficionados, the award-winning Mortlach is known for its robust and luxurious malt flavour in its bourbon- and sherry-matured whisky that demonstrates the distillery’s superiority. This year, Mortlach has once again won the hearts of many at the 3rd Annual Berlin International Spirits Competition whereby its