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Weird Facts: Hares Can Get Pregnant While Pregnant

I remember rolling over laughing when I saw someone asking if her baby girl in her stomach can get pregnant if she have sex well, this one is not as stupid but did you know that hares can get pregnant if they mate during late pregnancy? I don’t know why anyone would want to breed hares so quickly but apparently, researchers have found out this fact which can reduce breeding time from 42 days to 38 days and deliver up to 35.4% more offspring. They even have a high-resolution ultrasonography to demonstrate so. I say, stop with the animal abuse, the poor animal has already just given birth and you expect her to go through all that again in 38 days just so you can have, I don’t know, more hares to sell? Claypot Hare Porridge?

(Source: Neatorama)

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