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iBlackboard iPhone Casing – Because They Haven’t Heard of Paint-like Apps

Ever wanted to have a more convenient way to take notes on your iPhone other than using the default “Notes” application? No? Well, you can now take hand written notes with the iBlackboard iPhone casing that like its name suggest, is a blackboard you can write on using chalk, because, everyone carries out a chalk, don’t you? That way, when you go out and carry your phone, you can have chalk dust all over your hands; they taste good with your food by the way if you don’t wash your hands after that and before eating. It’s also a fantastic way to add some chalk powder design in your pockets and bags and oh not to mention, into your phone speaker, microphone and whatever other outlet. Bravo design, I think I’ll stick to a doodle application that lets me scribble around it much like a paint application, and oh it’s free by the way.

(Source: Gizmodiva)

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