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Tiffany & Co Now Available on your iPhone

I share a love and hate relationship with E-shopping; I love how convenient it is and how you won’t get stares from rude sales people who think that you’re too poor to afford anything, and I hate it because it’s too convenient and shopping is only a click of a button away – I’m a geek after all. But all the shopaholic things aside, Tiffany & Co is now available on your iPhone so you can avoid awkward stares from snobby sales people and choosing your engagement ring has never been easier! The app even comes with a tool that helps you find your ring size so you won’t have to set foot into the actual store at all. Once you’re done, you can send your selection in the actual size and email off to your fiancé and let him do the physical shopping! Technology is just so convenient, check out the app here.

(Source: GeekSugar)

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