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7 Photography Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Can Do

Who needs a digital camera nowadays when you have a smartphone.

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Just when you thought you needed to purchase external devices such as fisheye lens or tripods, now, there’s an alternative solution! In this video, the guys at COOPH demonstrate some creative smartphone photography tips and tricks that you can do with your iPhone 5S.

Which one is your favorite?


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  1. cool but the last part is stupid with iPhone… I prefer samsung S4 active or sony xperia Z3. Apple is just an overpriced crappy products!

    1. how do you use a Bluetooth for picture taking? And will it work with older Bluetooth headset? Plus my headphones don’t have any “buttons” on them………just headphones.

  2. Nice tricks. I haven’t tried all of them but I have to say that the trick with the drop of water doesn’t work. I’ve heard about it a while ago and I tried it several times and the drop of water does run off the lens.
    The panorama tricks look really cool, can’t wait to do them.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. So… There’s some good iPhone photography tips… I came for the smartphone photography tips.

    Useless Apple owners think they’re the only ones with cool shit…

    1. yes apple owners think they’re the only ones with cool shit… just wait till apple decides to make the iphone ip67 it will be so amazing to have a waterproof phone and not need to use a glass any more …. some are pretty excited that they are (finally) allowed to use different keyboards …..

  4. oh yeah absolutely! You can do everything that you want to do with a high end DSLR that you can with a smart phone!

    Like variable shutter speeds, apertures, etc. I’m just glad that people think that you can achieve professional quality photos with your iPhones.

    WHO NEEDS A DSLR!!?!?!

  5. I Love the headset selfie!! What a great idea! I have already practiced that! Now I have to go find a little bitty spider. Thank you so much. Keep em coming.

  6. You could actually get a long clear tube big enough to fit your phone and go as deep as you want for deeper water shots and combine the method for the earbuds + button and water shots

  7. I almost didn’t play it, since I don’t have an iPhone, and the description stated “tricks that you can do with your iPhone 5S”. Many of these work with any smartphone – not just an iphone. I decided to watch anyway, and Thank you for the tips.

  8. Loved them all . Really well produced by the way & was there any production on the shots themselves or is that as the iPhone produces itself. Very cool guys espically for us untalented souls

  9. These are great – and number six is genius. Id not thought to use the headphone cable as a cable-release! May need a bit more help with the tripod though… downloadable template? 😉 😉

  10. Awesome !

    Used a telescope and iPhone to capture images of a peregrine falcon on the Wales England borders earlier this year.. The glass in water idea has me thinking!

  11. Did you seen any phone branded by Canon or Nikon? Everybody must theirselve’s jobs! Maybe many people was interested with this, but you can NOT do everything that you want to do with a DSLR that you can with a smart phone or mirrorless cameras.

    1. It only works with the iPhone 5c yellow 16g. Other than that, you are out of luck.
      Just kidding, any phone with a camera.

  12. Amazing . My passion has got a new meaning with this. Being considered a moron to have a passion as photography n journalism. This is a dream come true for me. Thanks a ton. Im sure i can make my parents blv in me 1 day

      1. Right, but why would you put a drop of water on the lens to use as a macro setting unless your phone does not have a macro setting. Hence the reason for my question/statement.

  13. A month ago at Disney, a couple had secured an iPhone onto one of those grabby poles that you would use to get something down from a high shelf. The squeeze/grab button triggered the shutter button. Many different lengths without an arm in their selfies. Pretty clever!

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