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One notable brand under the recently merged Starwood and Marriott that evidently speaks out to us as young travellers is Aloft, often referred to as “A Vision of W Hotels”. This trendy lifestyle boutique hotel chain boasts a vivacious and contemporary spirit that is prominently expressed through the brand’s unambiguous style-centric identity that appeals to the next generation of holidaymakers.


With that said, Aloft progressively thrives in its core passion points, namely music, design and technology, to further strengthen and advocate its distinct brand DNA. The possibilities are endless when it comes to spotlighting music and Aloft has definitely executed that bit well. More than anything, Aloft holds the ambition to support aspirations and dreams of up and coming artists or talents so they can potentially make a break.

For the third year running, Aloft’s talent search competition Project Aloft Star, amplified by MTV, has been doing just that – shining light on emerging talent across the world. Four regional finals – Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand), Greater China (Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan), South Korea and India – were held across Asia for Project Aloft Star 2016 just recently, and we got to be a part of its Southeast Asian leg.


More than 500 original song entries were submitted and over 600,000 online votes were cast before the 15 finalists got shortlisted. The array of genres and music styles varied tremendously and it was an eye-opening affair as we witnessed the five Southeast Asian finalists compete. They were Marion Carmel + Breakfast at One (Singapore), Monalyssa (Malaysia), Soph Retief (Singapore), Girlfriend for Rent (Thailand), and SIR (Safwan Idham Ramlan) (Malaysia).

Held at the swanky Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 hotel, a panel of five judges comprising representatives from Aloft, MTV, and music industry experts carefully deliberated based on originality and creativity, music composition and song-writing skills, international appeal, technical skill, showmanship, stage presence and not forgetting ‘wow’ factor. To be completely honest, we were taken aback by how different the finalists were and what they had brought to the table.

226665-Soph Retief performance at Project Aloft Star, Amplified by MTV 2016 Southeast Asia finals Pic 1 (Credit - Aloft Hotels)-030d66-original-1476081375

Whether it be captivating lyrics, beguiling tunes, or commendable stage presence full of zeal, all finalists were deserving of a spot on that stage and each showcased indisputable charisma. At the end, Soph Retief, whom the judges pointed out is comparable to the great Adele, walked away with a cash prize of US$10,000 for her compelling original “Guys Like You”. She will also be part of the MTV Seen videos (airing from 21 Oct 2016) and profiled in a winner vignette here.

The winners for Project Aloft Star 2016 include Soph Retief for Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand), Wang Dazhi (a.k.a. Big Tattoo) for Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), Brown Whale for South Korea, and After Acoustics for India.

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Martin Garrix: The Youngest DJ To Become World’s No. 1 Thu, 20 Oct 2016 09:47:53 +0000
Photo: 2Nait

Soon after leaving Spinnin’ Records and founded his own label, STMPD RecordsMartin Garrix crowns the top spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Poll 2016. With only 4 years of being in the scene, the 20-year-old Dutch superstar is officially the youngest ever DJ to hold the spot, knocking down Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike from the beautiful reign.

As Tiesto‘s protege, it doesn’t come as a surprise for him to hold the title this year. With mind-blowing songs like Animals which blew in the entire world, he was deemed to win in 2016, after coming third in 2015.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Martin Garrix was awarded the number one trophy by his mentor on stage at the Top 100 DJs Poll Award Ceremony at the opening of AMF Festival, the biggest EDM event in Amsterdam. This is proof that age is just a number, and it’s never too early to accomplish your dreams.

Congratulations to the hunky DJ!


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Little Mix’s “Shoutout To My Ex” Calls Out To Zayn Malik Tue, 18 Oct 2016 13:43:04 +0000
Photo: E Online
Photo: E Online

Little Mix performed their latest single “Shout Out to My Ex” on The X Factor UK not too long ago and we are brimming with excitement over the empowering track. However, the same probably can’t be said for Zayn Malik.

Though most are convinced that “Shout Out to My Ex” is a diss track from band-member Perrie Edwards, to her former fiance, Zayn Malik, the band insists that the single is an empowering track that everyone can relate to.

In an interview with Radio One, Perrie told host Nick Grimshaw: “I mean, we did expect it, didn’t we? The song speaks for itself. Who doesn’t relate to this song? It relates to everyone. Jes always says it’s like a happy, heartbreak song.”

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

However, a line in the song hits a little too close to home in Perrie and Zayn’s case as the group sings,
“Took four long years to call it quits / Forget that boy I’m over it.”

This line, coupled with the fact that Perrie recently confirmed that Zayn broke up with her over a simple text message has many of us wondering (or concluding) that she really IS throwing shade at Zayn.

Perrie, who is now confirmed to be dating actor Luke Pasqualino, was in a relationship with Zayn Malik for 4 years (2 of which they were engaged) before breaking up in 2015.

Check out the explosive “Shout Out to My Ex” performance by Little Mix in this video:

[Source 12]

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Score The Mother Of All Passes: MTV BIG PASS Thu, 13 Oct 2016 17:18:33 +0000

unnamed (1

Calling all party people, are you ready to rave till your pants drop? Our friends from MTV just dropped major news–they’re giving out the mother of all passes, the MTV BIG PASS.

The golden pass comes with a bang — it will entitle one lucky music fan (and 3 friends) the access to FOUR amazing live music events in Southeast Asia — Rockaway Festival (29 – 30 Oct), It’s The Ship (4 Nov – 7 Nov), Neon Lights (26 – 27 Nov) and of course, ZoukOut (9 – 10 Dec).

The lucky foursome will also get to be on the well-loved music channel whereby their journey and experience at the music festivals will be recorded by MTV.

unnamed (3)

How To Enter?

  • Upload a photo/video of how you and your squad turnin’ it up at music events via Instagram
  • Insert your nationality and hashtag #MTVBigPass on your caption
  • Contest is open for residents of Singapore and Malaysia aged 18 and above only
  • Deadline: 20 October 2016

The most outstanding winner will be selected by MTV, so be creative! Check out MTV Big Pass for more information.

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Interview: Scottish Synthpop Band Chvrches Talks Working On Tiger Jams Wed, 28 Sep 2016 11:20:32 +0000

The Tiger Jams initiative, aimed to support the local music scene, brought to the forefront Malaysia’s finest emerging artists by giving them the opportunity at a bigger stage and a shot at music fame through a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration with a mystery international act, which excitingly, later turned out to be Scottish synthpop trio Chvrches.

Three of Malaysia’s best emerging artists – Donamarie, Rozella and Son of a Policeman – were then unveiled, and Kota Kinabalu’s electronic artist Rozella came out top as the band was handpicked by Chvrches to have their track “Home To You”, which was written in guidance of electropop prince Darren Ashley, remixed.

Scottish synthpop band, Chvrches, handpicked Tiger Jams finalist Rozella's original track to remix. The collaboration is part of Tiger Beer's music and art initiative, Tiger Jams.

Together with the top three artists and several Asian acts like The Sam Willows, and ToNick, Chvrches – comprising Iain Cook, Martin Doherty and Lauren Mayberry – were flown to Kuala Lumpur to headline Tiger Jams Centerstage, showcasing the music from these artists, acts as well as the work of Tiger Jams local visual artists Donald Abraham, Kenji Chai and Flex.

During their visit to Kuala Lumpur, we managed to reunite with Chvrches once again after speaking to them in 2014 and talked to the band regarding the Tiger Jams initiative, their second studio album Every Open Eye, and about teaming up with Paramore’s frontwoman Hayley Williams for the thunderous track “Bury It”.

Tiger Jams limited edition bottles.

Q: How do you feel to be a part of Tiger Jams?

A: It’s an interesting initiative and it’s cool to be a part of. It’s not something we’ve ever been involved with before – the idea of working with new talent to bring them forward. When the offer came through and we looked at it, it sounded like a lot of fun, so here we are.

Q: You’ve already heard the music from the top three Tiger Jams finalists. What are your thoughts on their work and that small chunk of the Malaysian music scene you’ve listened to?

A: It certainly seems very vibrant with interesting sounds and various influences we’re not necessarily used to hearing. It’s great to hear that kind of melded with some Western influences and other stuff. I’m surprised by how varied it sounded. It wasn’t just one type of music; it was all over the place in an interesting way.

01 Chvrches - an acclaimed international act and Tiger Jam's collaborator - met with selected media at KL Journal on Sept 2, 2016.

Q: How do the three finalists vary from one another in terms of sounds?

A: We get to travel a lot but we don’t normally get to learn that much about the places we’re going, so it’s fun for us to hear some music that came from there and see how different it all was. None of the finalists were the same and we’re excited about the show as well. I think it would be a nice mixture of music.

Q: Let’s talk about your remix of Rozella’s track “Home To You”.

A: I think when it comes to remixing, our prime intention is to take the piece of music as far away from the original as possible. My first go-to with that was to rip out all of the production and chop the vocals, slow it down about 35%. Then, rewrite another song using that vocals. That way, the lyrics jump out at me and I tried to rebuild the whole production around this one piece of melody and lyric. Later, I handed it over to Ian who added some interesting stuff to it.

Martin Doherty of Chvrches

Q: How did the whole process go down? We understand that you guys haven’t met Rozella in person.

A: We met through Skype and although we didn’t meet prior to remixing “Home To You”, it was easy enough. We were able to communicate using web cameras and we were writing on the road. It’s something we’re used to at this point; sometimes we have to put together different pieces of music for jobs and there will be a deadline. We have to fit that into our working schedule, so we do these things online.

Q: Bangkok has its own installation of Tiger Jams and you guys are heading there after this to do something similar. How different would you say the music is compared to Kuala Lumpur’s?

A: I don’t think it was completely different, but all of the entries were dissimilar in each place anyway. I wouldn’t say we were looking for a specific sound, but when people ask us, about the Glasgow sounds or Scottish sounds for instance, it’s difficult to say because there are many kinds of bounce that come from it. It’s interesting to see that it’s like that everywhere and I think it’s going to be a nice weekend because it’s about promoting new music and undiscovered artists.

02 Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches

Q: What have you done differently with Every Open Eye?

A: We played a bunch of shows in between the time we made The Bones of What You Believe and Every Open Eye, so we had that live experience to learn from. It also gave us a degree of perspective between making the two albums.

What we wanted to to was to strip things back and make the production as well as the arrangements as economical as possible. There was a lot less in the mix. That way, we intended for the vocals and melody to be more upfront than they were on the first record. As a result, I think it’s a more direct and concise album than the first one and it’s been fun playing live.

Q: Can you tell us about your collaboration with Hayley Williams for “Bury It”?

A: It was fun! She had previously messaged us saying that she really liked “Bury It” and we thought it might be fun to invite her to perform with us as a one-off, and she accepted. We played it together that one night in Nashville and it seemed to be a hit on the Internet, so it steamrolled from there.

There was never the original intention to record it, but people started to get really excited every time it was talked about online, then eventually, someone came up with the idea of her recording it and I’m glad she did. I think she really brought something unique, as you might expect from such a talented artist.

02 Chvrches - an acclaimed international act and Tiger Jam's collaborator - met with selected media at KL Journal on Sept 2, 2016.

Stay abreast with Chvrches’ music and tour via the band’s official website or Facebook page. Alternatively, learn more about the Tiger Jams initiative here.

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From Sweden To LA: ‘Everywhere’ Is Our New Favourite Indie Band Tue, 27 Sep 2016 03:33:50 +0000


Everywhere is a rising alternative rock Swedish band, whose songs have been compared to the likes of Depeche Mode, The Cure and even U2. Catsickblog thinks their music has a “post-pop, indie vibe, with catchy beats and electro sounds”, which is easy to love.

The band formed back in 2012 when their frontman, Max Berga, sent out his bedroom demos to producers around the world. Max got a callback from LA producer Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, Blondie), who got the band to fly to Los Angeles to record some tracks.

Since then, the band has had two successful singles and an impending sophomore album, recorded in East West Studios Los Angeles under the supervision of Needham.


We speak to the band to find out how their journey has been so far, who’s the craziest one, and what’s in store for the future.

Lipstiq: How has the journey been so far? What has changed since 2012?

Everywhere: It has been a bumpy ride to say the least. We have both dodged and taken bullets. The band has had many ups and downs, but somehow we manage rise and keep on going. When we started out we had a very stripped down acoustic sound, and since we have slowly progressed into a more modern style. Another thing that has changed is our fan base, which is much bigger today than it used to be.

L: How did you get into music? What instruments did you play?

E: We all have very different backgrounds but Filip (keys) has been a piano man most of his life with a background in Jazz. Marcel (guitar) went to a recording school and is primarily a recording engineer, but has slowly progressed into a contemporary guitarist. Max (vocals) started out with bass guitar as a child and went on to make hip-hop beats in his teens and writing songs in his twenties.

L: What would you say is the highlight of your career so far?

E: Playing the NME awards with Palma Violets and headlining Notting Hill Arts Club in London would rank high as far as highlights go. Working with Mark Needham in the famous East West Studios and supporting Kaiser Chiefs is pretty far up there as well.


L: Your first single “Shades At Night” did very well. What’s the story behind your second single, “Some Other Dude”?

E: Thank you! The second single, “Some Other Dude” is a funky little song about the importance of seizing an opportunity before it–the girl–goes out the window. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 11.27.31

L: How has the response been?

E: The response has been great! We have been getting loads of love from all the bloggers and radio people but most importantly our fans that have just embraced and praised it. Before we put anything out we always run it by our fans and let them have their say and that’s something we will continue on doing.

L: What are your pet peeves?

E: First off we would like to say that we love pets! [laughs] Well, there are many. For instance, Max here is very sensitive to the sound of banana being squashed in the mouth, which is always a problem for us when we are on tour and someone, eats a banana in the van.

L: What’s the strangest thing a fan has done?

E: The first thing that comes to mind must be a big hairy man with tattoos and a beard who had written ”Everywhere” all over his chest at one of our shows. To top it off he was crying and screaming relentlessly and standing right up in front of the stage.

L: Who’s the crazy one in the band?

E: [Everyone points] That must be Marcel! If somebody would ever throw a television set out of a hotel window that would be him. He sinks pints like no one else, and has a knack for pulling pranks on people as well. 

L: Finally…anything you’d like to say to your fans?

E: Guys and girls–mostly girls probably–if you’re reading this, we just want to let you know that you mean everything to us! We will come and visit you soon and in the meantime, keep reading!

Everywhere’s Sophomore EP will be out next month. In the meantime, listen to their new single here:

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DJakarta Warehouse Project Unveils Its Phase 3 Lineup! Wed, 21 Sep 2016 23:30:27 +0000


The biggest music festival in Indonesia, Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) will be back  on 9 & 10 December 2016.

After the tremendous success of its 2015 edition and the arrival of revellers from more than 30 countries made it a record breaking sold-out event of the year, DWP earned the title of “Best EDM Festival of 2015” from several top music publications — and looks set to raise the bar even higher this year!

unnamed (1)

To keep you pumped, DWP has just dropped its Phase 3 lineup which includes British rising duo Snakehips, drum & bass outfit Rudimental, Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies, and the genre-bending LA based pair GTA.

If that isn’t enough, electro house superstars Alan Walker,Blasterjaxx, Brennan Heart, W&W and Yves V will bring their signature high-octane performances to the masses.

On top of that, rising trance powerhouse MaRLo will round off this massive lineup building even further upon DWP’s burgeoning reputation.

Third tier tickets are now available at IDR 1,275,000 (approx. RM401) while the VIP passes start at IDR 2,500,000 (approx. RM787).

DWP organizer Ismaya Live has also teamed up with various hotel partners to give festival goers incredible deals on travel and accommodation, available through BoboBobo – the Official Hotel Partner of DWP.

For further information on the festival and travel packages, visit the official website of Djakarta Warehouse Project.

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#TigerJams Was A Blast With Chrvches, SOAP, Darren Ashley & More Thu, 08 Sep 2016 10:05:25 +0000

Tiger Jams Centerstage brings the arts and music campaign to a close.

Last Friday, we checked out the Tiger Jams event at Rhapsody, TREC. There was a lot to look forward to, local acts like SOAP, Donamarie, Rozella, Darren Ashley, international headliner, Chvrches, light installations, graffiti wall, and of course, plenty of Tiger beer!

Here’s the rundown of what happened at the Tiger Jams, and oh, be jealous!

We were treated to an exquisite artwork by our very own Kenji Chai.

Darren Ashley’s powerful vocal chords reverberated throughout the Rhapsody. Darren also did a duet with Rozella, who performed her original track, “Home To You.”

Darren Ashley

Rozella performs her original track, Home To You, with her Tiger Jams collaborator, Darren Ashley.

We also got to catch Donamarie, one of three Tiger Jams finalist in action.

Donamarie, one of three Tiger Jams finalist.

Check out this light installation is displayed at Tiger Jams Centerstage, designed by Flex.

Here’s Hong Kong rock band, ToNick, blowing the roof off the place.

Oh hey, it’s Son of A Policeman a.k.a SOAP or Sabun band. You go, Joshua!

Son of a Policeman, one of three Tiger Jams finalist.

And of course, the main event of the night, we saved the best for last, CHVRCHES!!!!! They belted out all their hit song, including the most anticipated song, “The Mother We Share”. 
Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches at Tiger Jams Centerstage held on Sept 2 at Rhapsody Square, TREC KL

Chvrches, a Tiger Jams collaborator, performed for fans during at Tiger Jams Centerstage held on Sept 2 at Rhapsody Square, TREC KL

And of course, plenty of Tiger beer to keep us going during the energetic night! 
Tiger Jams limited edition bottles 01
That was one memorable party on the rooftop! We have so much local talent, and they just needed a platform to showcase; so kudos to Tiger Beer for un-caging our local bands and making it possible for intercontinental collaborations. We hope there’s more to come! :)

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Beyonce Celebrates Birthday By Dropping “Hold Up” Music Video on YouTube Mon, 05 Sep 2016 08:20:27 +0000

hold up

A good queen is always generous with gifts, especially during a special occasion.

Beyonce totally lived up to that. To commemorate her 35th birthday, Queen Bey decided to release a standalone video of “Hold Up” on YouTube. Previously, the video was only available exclusively for Tidal subscribers.

“Hold Up” is a track from Beyonce’s epic visual-album, Lemonade. She also performed the song at the recent MTV Video Music Awards, where she took the chance to smash a camera lens.

Back in June, Beyonce also released a video for “Sorry” on YouTube.

Watch the video for “Hold Up” here:


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Christina Grimmie Lives On As Her Final Music Video Is Released Mon, 05 Sep 2016 07:10:58 +0000

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 15.02.35

Christina Grimmie‘s final music video, “Without Him”, has been released as promised by her family.

Before her sudden demise about three months ago, Christina managed to record four songs for her EP, Side A. EP tells the story of a young girl, Jessica, in ‘The Ballad of Jessica Blue’, about her journey into self-discovery.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 15.04.26

Along with “Snow White”, “Anybody’s You”, and “Deception”, and now “Without Him,” the songs complete The Ballad of Jessica Blue, where Jessica figures out her love life, her womanhood, and music. Her family has been releasing the videos over the last few weeks, to keep the memory of Christina alive and to celebrate her music.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 15.03.55

In the music video, we see Christina as the titular character, Jessica Blue, confiding in a friend about her boy trouble, and then rocking out to a concert. The cheers and applause from the audience gives her the boost and confidence she needed, and then she confronts her boyfriend.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 15.03.18

The video ends with these words, “Let your feet follow your heart”, as she walks away from her boyfriend.

The 22-year old singer was shot about three months ago during a meet-and-greet after her concert in Orlando. This heart-breaking video reminds us of Christina’s amazing talent, and how she was taken away too soon from all of us. May she rests in peace, and her music lives on.

Watch the video here:


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