Sometimes sexy does not mean scanty clothes or heavy makeup but an au naturel look and men’s clothes. If you don’t overdo it but pair it with skinny jeans or jeggings (jean leggings) or some rocker accessories and you may end up looking as hot as Katherine Moennig AKA Shane McCutcheon on The L Word or Alexa Chung, British personality and fashion icon.

We are going to take a look at some of the tips shared by Chelsea from College Fashion on how to look manly without being a man (in a good way). The Fashion Challenge is to borrow clothes from your brother, boyfriend, best guy friend or dad and to see if you can pull off the look without looking unsexy.

Next up the list to look for in the man of your life’s wardrobe are outerwear. Since we are living in a tropical climate, this can be a bit tricky but for parties, put on his vest or maybe a suit. Make sure you don’t drown in them though. A jacket is best matched with a tank top inside and a miniskirt.

A man who accessorize is a man who knows how to look good. If he knows the little details that complete an outfit, he is probably the best looking in the block. Men’s watches can look nice on a woman’s wrist because it looks like a chunky bracelet if you choose the right ones. Women who wear skinny ties are really sexy and a fedora just kicks up the sexiness a notch.

I knew a friend who loves the smell of men’s cologne. So much so that she wears it on herself and trust me, she is perfectly straight. Ran out of shaving cream for your legs? Grab your dad’s can. There are men’s facial cleansers that are less dehydrating than women’s facial cleansers. You would never know what treasure you can find on the sink.

Boyfriend jeans are really sexy and if the man in your life happens to be the same size as you are, then you’re in luck, because his shirt will fit you like a glove, and his jeans hugging your junk in the trunk the right way. Men’s sneakers are sometimes more stylish and colourful than women’s too so you have a wide range of choices instead of being limited to just the women’s section.

(Source:College Fashion)