PayPal Launches Protection for Malaysian Buyers to Shop Online

If you’re active in your online activities, I’m sure you would’ve notice the sudden explosion of e-boutiques and all your Facebook friends are getting tagged into picture of clothes. However, despite how well these online boutiques are doing, I still know a handful of people who are still skeptical because they’re afraid that they might not receive their goods, and even more so if they’re buying expensive stuffs internationally. PayPal recently launched its Buyer Protection policy for consumers in Malaysia to help protect Malaysians who shop online using their PayPal accounts. The service will ensure that the goods are delivered by the seller and if not, the consumers will be able to get back their money for the full value of the item.

“Malaysians are looking for better protection and peace of mind when they shop on the Internet – whether it’s a RM10 toy or a RM10,000 watch.  Shopping online with PayPal is already safer and more secure as consumers don’t need to share their sensitive financial information or credit card details with unknown websites. Now we are adding an extra layer of safety and security with our Buyer Protection policy where consumers can purchase eligible items online knowing that they will get a full refund if they do not receive the items purchased through PayPal.” — said Elias Ghanem, Head of Marketing, PayPal Southeast Asia & India.

For more information, please visit You can now shop online with more confidence!

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