Don’t you just hate walking to your clothes dryer for the third time to see whether they’re done yet only to find that they’re still wet? Well, I haven’t really used a dryer before, but it isn’t hard to guess how annoying it is to keep checking if your clothes are dry yet. Unlike the typical dryers, the Maytag Bravos Steam dryer will notify you only when your clothes are dry, not when the timer is up so you don’t have to keep checking and disappointing yourself. There’s also a wrinkle removing mode that can do its job in 150minutes. How nice, and I thought all machine dried clothes comes complemented with wrinkled clothes that cannot go without ironing. However, like most good things, they don’t come in cheap, the dryer costs a whopping USD$1199, so anybody up for it?

(Source: OhGizmo!)

Tags : Dryer
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