Are you ready to go out tonight to have some fun but your favourite dress just looks too bare? Just add a finishing touch to it by wrapping around a belt or maybe two!
Belts! When you hear the word, the first thing that might come to your mind is “would it go with my outfit?” Yes! It would. Belts were traditionally worn to secure pants and skirts but now they are a required fashion accessory. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made of fabric, leather or even metal.
A simple dull dress will look exquisite with the right choice of belt. Different types of belts give you different look.
Wear it around your waist to get that sleek sexy hour glass figure and watch that tummy visually disappear. Remember though if you are a plus sized woman avoid wearing skinny belt as it would visually double your size and if you are a skinny woman avoid wearing a wide belt as it might just gobble you up.
Instead wrap around an empire waist belt just below your bust line to give that extra push to your bossoms and watch them bounce as you do the catwalk. If you think an empire waist belt isn’t comfortable then go with a hip belt. Yes, this is the one that’s gonna hug those lurve handles. Giving attention to those curves that’s been long hidden under loose clothing.
Belt works as an elegant corset cinching away that extra weight you have. This ultimate fashion accessory goes well with woman of all shapes and sizes and of all ages. So go out today and get yourself a black one, a white one, a red one, a funky coloured one and a metal one with Rhine stones.