Jamie Oliver started his food revolution in the UK and it went well. He managed to change the menu and food preparation from frozen food to fresh food. Yes, no doubt preparing fresh food takes a lot of time but the nutrition contents in these food are way healthier than the fast food you eat.

With support from Oprah Winfrey and Ryan Seacrest, Jamie Oliver took a challenge to do the same with the American food system in schools. He started with a town called Huntington in West Virginia, a town where statistics has shown they have the highest number of deaths due to obesity. People in this town die pretty young due to the way they eat.

It’s a big challenge for Jamie Oliver, for he wasn’t welcomed with open arms to the town. Who’d want a British to tell Americans what is the right way to eat. He setup a food center called Jamie’s Kitchen where it is used to provide cooking lessons and teach about food for the local community. He was disliked and was strongly criticized by the local DJ Rod Willis and they then took a bet, a challenge that Jamie Oliver said he could make 1000 locals learn to cook at his Kitchen in a week. Rod Willis considered that was a joke and true enough for the first 2 days no one showed up.

He worked his magic by winning many fellow Americans’ hearts by performing flash mob where he got the help of Marshall University students to perform a cooking session while dancing at the Uni’s compound and that got the rest of the students interested to learn to cook and live a healthy life supporting Jamie’s idea for the Food Revolution.

His tiresome victory is aired on a 6 episode documentary and if you have the chance do watch it. Life is short therefore eat healthy live healthy. Watching these episodes you would also learn what makes chicken nuggets so yummy. If you know the ingredients used, you’d never eat them again.

Watching this documentary will give you motivation to learn to cook and prepare wholesome nutritious food everyday at your very own kitchen. You will not only get to live healthy but also own a lean figure that everyone would envy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get cooking!!

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