Every year, Vogue US will give the luckiest girl in the world the coveted spot as THE model on the front cover of the magazine. The criteria are fully subjected to Anna Wintour’s (AKA most powerful woman in the fashion industry) approval and let’s just say perfection is probably one of the top three. In a world where women are always being photoshopped to look slimmer, bustier and have flawless complexion, THE September issue girl always have to look already drop-dead gorgeous sans makeup or post-photo editing. Yes, the chances to get there is slim but ten (and more) women managed to score the top spot in the modelling industry as cover girl(s) for the past ten issues. Let us start from the year 2000.

Looking like the perfect businesswoman coming out of her luxury car and rushing for a very important meeting with VVIPs, Bridget Hall totally captured this writer’s attention with her seemingly candid pose and ‘deer caught in headlights’ expression. Somehow this cover is so appealing that I feel like I want to do that the next time I’m in a photo but I’m afraid I might look like an idiot.

Back when Photoshop did not exist, Linda Evangelista was one of the top supermodels in the world with many campaigns under her belt – without having someone to ‘Liquefy’ her jawline or ‘Clone Stamp’ away wrinkles. With a perfect figure and a smile that can cause women to buy whatever she is modelling for, I doubt any supermodel now can compare to her untainted beauty.

In the early 00’s I don’t know if it was just me or there were too many Kates’ around. There was Kate Bosworth, Kate Hudson, Cokate (I mean Kate Moss) and who knows how many other Kates that were just starting out in their acting careers. One of it was Kate Hudson who looked more like a beach babe than anything else but she managed to score 2002’s cover in a stunning shimmery dress, looking regal and poised.

Call me biased but Nicole Kidman will always be one of the most versatile actresses in the world with really beautiful cat-like features and captivating smile. She always managed to play her part well in any role the director casted her and still look good no matter what. Her Chanel No.5 ad is still vivid in my mind like it was just yesterday and she just looks absolutely ‘goddess-like’ on this cover. Tom Cruise just doesn’t know what he’s missing.

Having started late in fashion knowledge, the 2004 September issue of Vogue was the first ever I had of the title and I bought it partly because Natalia Vodianova is my favourite supermodel followed by Gisele Bundchen and Daria Werbowy is my favourite Lancome girl. All three of them had the looks to kill and they were the new wave of supermodels to take the world by storm with Daria’s demure looks, Natalia’s baby face and Gisele’s Brazillian bombshell look.

Okay…I’m beginning to see a trend here. Every Vogue September issue we have seen so far has the majority of the women wearing gold or shades of gold but ANYWAY, Sarah Jessica Parker looks groomed and classy here with a slight tilt of her shoulder and a knowing smile. Having just watched Season One of the series but both the movies, I fall in love with SJP simply for her adorable voice and girlishness. Although people may dispute of her beauty, I find that there are some things a woman is attractive for and those are hidden but seems to emanate from women like SJP.

I can’t decide whether I like or dislike Kirsten Dunst. Is she pretty or is she just different? She doesn’t look like the typical American beauty but that is what makes her attractive. Her unique features, those bedroom eyes and childlike beauty just captures attention like in the Spiderman movie. I don’t know about this cover though, I don’t really fancy the hair – it is like this photoshoot was done upside down and her boobs looked like it ‘expanded’.

Back then, before she became famous, she was famous for two things – being Jude Law’s other half and being a fashion icon. Whenever I read magazines about her, it is always about how she and Jude Law did this and that and how stylish she look in her outfit. She is a pretty little thing but that’s it I must say. To me she does not really stand out from just being Jude Law’s current ex and a fashion icon. Heck, I don’t hear about her often anymore. And that dress looks horrid (pardon my frankness). It looks like a rug wrapped around her with a black sash to hold it up.

Hmm…this is where I go “Has the quality of girls turn a downward spiral after 2005?” No doubt, Keira Knightley is beautiful in her own ways but I found her annoying in Pirates of the Caribbean and she is just riding on her co-stars’ popularity. Somehow her looks doesn’t scream “Vogue” or “Cover Girl”. She could just be another B-list actress for all I care.

Now, this is what I call the “Vogue” girl. South African actress Charlize Theron has this ‘presence’ that just have every eye in the room on her when she walks in. The high cheekbones, eyes that speak to your soul and luscious lips just make you want to buy the magazine just to stare at her face. She is one of the few women in Hollywood that makes short hair look sexy.

The current issue features Halle Berry, the Bond girl and Catwoman who, like Nicole Kidman is a versatile actress that still look sexy at her age. She too makes short hair look sexy on a woman and her curves are to die for. An inspiration for black models and actresses, Halle Berry is an icon in her own right.