Staying overseas for your studies can be quite tough; sure, you get freedom and the chance to visit a new country, but when dusk falls and you realize just how lonely you are without your friends, family and home-cooked food, the home-sickness kicks in and all you can do is sit and sulk.  The new Quism, a cooking and dining system, features tele-cooking and tele-dining so you can feel right at home even if you’re at the other end of the world – you can even share recipes with mum so you can still feel like you’re having her famous dishes. I know, a webcam can do the trick, but the Quism comes with an induction cook top that will be revealed at cooking mode; there even a vent to help channel cooking fumes to the drain.

It also comes with a water screen that can project various environments such as your home or even restaurant kitchens. If you’re an enthusiast when it comes to food, the table also doubles as an intuitive and interactive cooking platform that lets you virtually travel around to learn new cuisines. The project by Team Synergy is targeted at older consumers, making them feel connected to their children even though they’re married and miles apart, but I’m sure we won’t mind having one of those would we?

(Source: Born Rich, Electrolux Silver)

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