If you’re a Gleek, you’ve probably heard of Lea Michele who is not only adored by women for her chic fashion sense but also for her lovely features by men. At a recent Blackberry Torch Party she turned a simple outfit into a classy one by pairing off a simple ¾ sleeved white top with a floral metallic miniskirt. Completing the ensemble are a pair of sexy neutral coloured pumps.

The white outfit complemented her dark hair and expressive eyes while the hint of blusher on the apple of her cheeks and red lipstick gave her a natural child-like beauty look. I’m not sure about you but I think she pulled it off pretty well despite not having much accessories or heavy make up. What do you think? Does a girl need an elaborate outfit and accessories to make her look good or a simple yet effortless chic top and bottom makes her a total hottie already?

(Source:Fab Sugar)