Natural Nail Polish – Your Kids Can Have Chick Nails Too!

I think parents should stop treating children like how they were being treated when they were young. The times have changed since several decades ago and here’s one if the latest trend – a range of nail polish that are made using natural ingredients so even your little girls can have pretty nails like you! I know you will never expose them to acetone and such found on normal nail polish used by us but this Piggy Paint Natural Nail Polish is made from natural ingredient that dries to a hard, chip-free finish. It even comes with its very own Piggy Paint Hypoallergenic Nail Polish Remover so you won’t have to harm your kid’s nail with strong nail polish we use either. They’re not cheap though, the nail polish costs USD$10 each, but what’s a little money compared to the safety of your children?

(Source: OutBlush)

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