Nailympics for the best faux nails…How about WORST?

In case you didn’t already know, yes, there IS such thing as a Nailympics and it’s not just some small competition. The Nailympics held this year had 24 participating countries to show off the fanciest ever fake nails you’ve ever – and will ever – see, well, at least until the next competition. If you think 3D nail designs are too much, you’ll faint at the site of these designs that features sophisticated sculptures and even figurines! I don’t know about you, maybe it’s just my distaste for fashion; these nails are so not feasible and no one will ever wear them out in a million years so why should they be awarded anything? Alright, maybe for Halloween, but who would such hideous things on their nails that make it impossible to do anything with their hands?

(Source: Gizmodiva)

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