I know a handful of girls who don’t like the color pink; in fact, most of these people actually detest that color because they find it girly, childish and bimbo. They may be right, but pink is also a universal color that symbolizes Breast Cancer Awareness to encourage women from all over the globe to do checkups regularly. In conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month this month, Tony Burch has just came out with a brain new pink pair of boots with a matching pink umbrella. We may not have Autumn or Winter in Malaysia, but we can’t deny our lousy weather that can rain on you any minute so a pair of stylish boots and an umbrella can always come in handy. The umbrella will retail at USD$45 while the boots will be priced at USD$150. 15% of the proceeds from the sales of these items this month will support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

(Source: Gizmodiva)

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