Simple yet delicious!

A mushroom naturally contains high amounts of Vitamin D and also contains sodium, phosphorous and potassium. They are yummy and contain all the goodness in a package. Easy to prepare and goes well in just about any dish.

Stuffed Portobello is a simple and fast snack to make. All you need are raw Portobello, mix veggies, minced chicken meat and diced plum tomatoes.

I normally mince the chicken myself instead of using store bought minced chicken. As you know they are minced with fat and skin on and it doesn’t really have the amount of meat it should and it’s high in cholesterol. I buy breast meat and minced them the conventional way and it doesn’t take that long.

You marinate the chicken in anyway you want, I marinated it with a dash of Worcestershire Sauce, some sprinkle of rosemary and crushed peppercorns, don’t forget salt. Sautee the chicken and keep aside.

Prepare the stuffing depending on the size of the Portobello you have. You need to clean the mushrooms by removing the stem and gills to make room for the stuffing. Pre-heat the oven for about 10 minutes and start stuffing your mushrooms.

Don’t forget mozzarella cheese as topping. I used low-fat mozzarella and still taste the same as the normal one.

Bake the mushroom for about 15 minutes; I like my mushrooms slightly crunchy at the top hence, I bake them longer. Mushrooms will produce a lot of juice when cooked, therefore if you prefer yours less juicy, it’s best to baked them first without the filling for at least about 10 minutes. Then stuff them with the fillings and bake.

Enjoy this snack watching your favourite TV show.