A Drink or Two a Week while Pregnant is OK

I’m sure there are many soon-to-be-moms are feeling frustrated with having to stop enjoying a little wine or beer when they’re expecting. However, according to recent research, light drinking may not actually harm a developing fetus.

However, this is not a green light for you to drink while pregnant. Heavy drinking is still known to cause birth defects in newborns. According to Dr. Michael Katz, senior vice president for research and global programs at the March of Dimes Foundation, he only sees “.. ill consequences as the result of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. There are no precise measures of alcohol intake. It’s a ridiculous argument. There is no logical reason why anyone could not stay away from alcohol for nine months.”

So, although there have been proof that very light drinking is fine, but if you can go without it just for nine months, it would be better.

(Source: HealthDay News, Image: Twodogsmc)

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