Shiny Diamond iPhone 4 – The World’s Most Expensive Phone

Diamond rings are cool and can definitely reflect the sun and grab anyone’s attention but if one or two stones are not enough for your lavishly luxurious life, here’s the world’s most expensive phone encrusted with 500 diamonds (100ct) on the front and 53 diamonds on the apple logo at the back! That’s not all, the main button at the front is covered in a 7.4ct pink dimond which is set in platinum but if pink is not your taste, it can be changed to an 8ct cut diamond. The price of this phone? A whopping USD$8million so don’t expect a typical Apple iPhone casing, it comes with a 7kg chest made out of a single block of Imperial Pink granite and lined with Nubuck leather hold. If the regular iPhone 4 comes with design flaws that are more prone to breakage compared to the iPhone 3GS, I’m very damn looking forward to seeing this world’s most expensive phone drop on the floor – that way I’ll be running there to pick up all the diamonds!

(Source: Newlaunches)

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