Weight loss has be come a major concern for a number of people across the world. There’s no miracle out there to lose five pounds overnight!!! but here a few tricks to help you look like you did!
1. Do not eat any carbohydrates the entire day before.Stick to foods with diuretic effects (teas,watermelon,cucumbers and mushrooms).

2.Avoid salty foods all together as they will reverse the effects of the diuretic foods. Also avoid alcoholic beverages which may promote puffiness

3.The day before,go for a full body massage.A massage will help break up some of the toxic water trapped in favorite places like cellulite

4.Take a mild laxative the day before to help with tummy bloat. Be sure to do this the day before,not on the day you are trying to look slimmer for.

5. On the day wear control body undergarments to help smoothe out any dimples

6. Get a light tan or bronzing powder. A tan always makes people look thinner and healthier.

An ideal weight reduction program is one that enbles you to adapt to healthier lifestyle trends faster and helps you get in shape effectively. Try it…. All the best!!!