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Rip Off Lingerie for Some Bedroom Fun

Sure, it’s fun to have some excitement in the bedroom like roleplaying and such but when you get too excited, ripping off your lingerie can be an expensive affair. It’s also probably a painful affair because ripping cloth apart is not as easy as you think which is why your clothes won’t entirely rip apart whenever it’s caught at the edge of the table or something. Here are some rip-off lingerie deisgned by Laetitia Schlumberger that is made for you to tear it apart only, it doesn’t actually get torn. These lingerie are made using strong magnet that won’t fall apart easily but with a tug, they can appear like they’re being ripped apart so you can have some fun with your partner without actually destroying your clothes. Available in bras, panties, bustiers and ensembles, these sexy lingeries better be tougher than how delicate it looks because they cost between € 50 and € 90 each.

(Source: Gizmodiva)

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