Even toddlers prefer iPhone to Windows Phone 7

What’s the best way to ensure your child grows up looking like a geek with thick framed glasses hung low on their nose even before they start schooling? Expose them to electronic gadgets like the iPhone, Windows Phone 7, iPad, game consoles and so many more at young age just because you can buy apps rather than real learning tools and face it, it actually does look much cooler. Flashcards is probably a vital part of a toddler’s life, almost every one of them owns one, but with the availability of apps like the Toddler flashcards from iTot Apps, who needs a physical pack of cards that can’t talk?

But that’s not the focus of the story today. According to iTot Apps who has the same application for both iOS and Windows Phone 7 platforms, it has been found that toddlers, or rather parents, prefer the application on an iPhone as opposed to a Windows Phone 7. The app only sells 1/10th the number of installs on Windows Phone 7 platform than on iOS. Now it’s pretty obvious why, because Windows Phone 7 has just been released not too long ago whilst iPhone has been around for years. Even if they compared for only a short period of time, people are obviously more familiar with iPhones.

I swear I cannot emphasize more on how lucky children are today. Back when I was that age, I had only my fingers to chew on, not an iPad! Nonetheless, the Flashcards app sounds pretty interesting but be it an iPhone or Windows Phone 7, I would still suggest the non-geeky way of bringing up your child for the sake of his/her eyesight.

(Source: Tech Crunch)

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