Imagine being able to wear the clothes you’ve outgrown or fit into the clothes you wore before delivering your baby; you don’t have to go on a hardcore diet or starve yourself everyday just to fit into your favorite dress for that special occasion because all you need is Marena wear. Marena is a shape-wear you wear underneath your clothes but unlike normal shape-wear in the market, it is actually engineered with state-of-the-art NASA-level technology to ensure maximum effectiveness with the ultimate comfort.

What makes the Marena wear special is its F5 fabric that has excellent performance in areas determined in the global certified fabric standards namely Power and Stretch, Softness, Durability, Moisture Management and Anti-Microbial Properties. Made with 49% elastine and 51% nylon, Marena wear is extremely stretchable and will not lose its shape no matter how much you stretch it. This makes it able to adapt to your body shape which will ultimately make it comfortable for you to wear on hot or cold days. To prove its durability, the fabric has been put through 5,000 cycles of stretch test and was found to be able to return to its original form, far more lasting than others.

Here’s one very important factor, especially for us Malaysians who live in a hot and humid country. Personally, I don’t wear tights or leggings, the heat can be a killer and worst still if you sweat. Marena comes with moisture management with not only good absorption, but is also able to dry quickly. Together with the anti-microbial properties which can stop bacteria from sticking onto the material, Marena wear is comfortable, stink-free and durable. It is even found to enhance skin tone with its medical grade compression level that improves lymphatic drainage and smoothes the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite; worried of how you’ll look after giving birth? Here’s the solution. Personally, this is the part I’m most looking forward to.

“The Marena ShapeWear garments that I’ve tried holds the sections that I’m trying to hide firmly but not in an uncomfortable way. I can wear the ShapeWear garment for many hours perfectly comfortably, not feeling hot or bothered at all. And it helps me fit easier into certain clothes that usually take me more effort like jeans, and the jeans fall better too! In fact, it gives my body a certain firmness that improves my posture. I just feel so much more confident when I have my Marena SHapeWear on!” – Tina, a consumer who has tried the Marena ShapeWear Collection prior to the Malaysian launch.

Suitable for both men and women, the Marena® ShapeWear Collection is available in sizes from XXS to 4XL.  Most items are available in beige, black and white. The collection includes mini shorts, shorts, capris, leggings, camisoles, bodysuits, exercise capris, sports bras, and power bras engineered for women and exercise shorts, exercise pants, tank tops and sleeveless shirts engineered for men.

The Marena range of apparel also includes the Marena ComfortWear Collection of Compression and Support Garments for post-surgical support needs and the Marena ActiveWear Collection of performance-boosting sportswear.

For more information on the Marena ShapeWear Collection in Malaysia, please contact Mr Kenny Tan of Active Shape Sdn Bhd, Innomed’s appointed dealer for the Marena ShapeWear and ActiveWear Collections in Malaysia, at 03-7710 0827 or email [email protected] Information on the collection is also available at

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