Lakme Haircare

I used to straightened my hair very frequently and this seriously damaged my hair. My hair turned very frizzy and suffered serious case of hair-loss.

I tried several products to help hair regrowth but nothing worked. I just casually walked in Shins, Midvalley one day and I was recommended Lakme Body Maker Shampoo and Moisturizer. I bought the 1000ml bottle that’s worth RM150++ per bottle and within a year my hair regrew and got thicker than usual.

I stopped straightening my hair and started appreciating my natural curls. It’s been 3 years now and I’m still using the same shampoo daily.

Both the shampoo and moisturizer is formulated with volumising conditioning agents that helps thicken the hair fibre from within. Hair doesn’t break easily and you will only loose minimal hair. With it’s regrowth formula, each hair loss grows much stronger.

The haircare line also reduces static allowing hair to be more manageable and easier to style. I style my hair with Lakme Medium Hold Mousse.

My hair looks healthier and has natural shine all day long. Though I shampoo my hair daily, my scalp stays moisturized and it isn’t oily. For those, facing hair-loss such as mine. I would recommend both the shampoo and moisturizer.

For more information on the product, please click Lakme. I’ve only noticed this brand available in Shins outlets.

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