Denim material has always been relegated to the lower half of our bodies. It’s rugged, long lasting and it brings out the testosterone in all of us. We kid, it’s the confidence ladies! The jeans is an iconic symbol and is one of the most worn clothing items in the world. They exude a ‘don’t mess with me‘ aura and demands for equal rights like their male counterparts. When worn right, jeans can be both sexy and empowering. Some call it a fashion sin to wear denim from top to toe, but the denim dress is a sneaky little vixen as she tries to do both but gets away with it!

The denim dress may be designed like any a dress in any other material but for some strange reason, it is very different from any other dress because denim is a mood, a lifestyle and an attitude. This fabric tells stories that’s for sure. While fabrics like silk and velvet are chosen for their texture and color depth respectively, denim is all about the mood.

Denim gives one the impression of laidback, romantic, endless summer and wearing a dress has an astoundingly similar feel as being in a jeans and tshirt. So if you’re not into florals or bright colors and would still like to channel your inner girliness, why not opt for denim dresses instead?

Denim: Button Down

Does this spell cowboy or what, but without the whole boots shebang. The button down upper half gives this outfit a demure yet cheeky look without revealing too much.

Shirt Dress

Wear your boyfriend’s denim top or get one that fits you right but a little longer! Make sure to cinch your waist with a belt or you’ll end up looking sloppy and make sure to roll up those sleeves!

Unconventional necklines

If you’re going for longer sleeves, opt for a softer look by wearing a dress with unconventional necklines. This painter’s shirt look gives it a more casual and feminine feel to the wearer.

Shift dresses

We reckon that denim dresses are best worn tight fitting or top tight and loose on the bottom because like our jeans, they’re meant to enhance our best bits. Denim comes in different shades of blues, blacks and greys so take your pick and try to stick to single tones instead of mixing them up.

So which is your favourite denim dress? Do let us know!