Ladies, do you love your rock stars? Then you’re in for a treat! The success of the first Rockaway has brought us yet another installment of Malaysia’s independent rock festival. Come October 2011, the festival will rock up at Bukit Jalil Stadium with a big bang!

Rockaway 2011 is the brainchild of our very own One Buck Short & Friends (from our local music scene) and Livescape. It is scheduled to take place on the 8th of October with an exciting twist and a few surprises. The awesome line-up will feature bands from the Malaysian music scene (handpicked, we’re sure, for their amazing talents) which includes:

1. One Buck Short
2. Tres Empre
3. Twilight Action Girl
4. Dichi Michi
5. Oh Chentaku
6. Busco
7. Pop Shuvit ft Project E.A.R
8. Deja Vodoo Spells
9. Kyoto Protocol
10. They Will Kill Us All
11. Lo
12. Hujan
13. Monoloque
14. Love Me Butch
15. Metalasia
16. Massacre Conspiracy

But what are the surprises? We heard firsthand at the Rockaway 2011 press conference that the event will also be featuring a few internationally acclaimed bands. Which ones? Well, do these people look familiar to you?

Utah based quartet, The Used are no strangers to rocking out music festivals around the globe! For the past eight years, the band have played countless amounts of tours and festivals like Warped Tour, Ozzfest, Projek Revolution, Give It a Name, Reading, Leeds, and SxSW. And, they have sold over two million albums in the States alone. Impressive? Well, listen:

Their latest album, “Artwork” was described as “the definitive album of their career but arguably one of the best records you’ll hear” by Alternative Press. Their successes over the years have given them rock star statuses which they justifiably earned.

All Time Low are THE definition of pop punk music today. In 2008, they were named “Band of the Year” by Alternative Press, a remarkable achievement that even now feels like something out of a dream to the band. And they’re all excited to visit us (true story!):

Rolling Stone magazine dubs their “Dirty Work” a Top 10 hit that shows off the band’s ability to weld slick harmonies to jackhammer chords. Their infectious tunes have garnered them over a million fans on their Facebook page alone.

The sounds of post-hard-core music never sounded so good and Story of the Year is proof of that. In February 2009, they covered the song, “Just Close Your Eyes”, which is being used as the entrance theme for the former ECW Champion and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Christian. Rocksound TV describes their latest offering, “The Constant”, is what is says on the CD; constantly good.

Time to flip that switch and turn your fangirl mode on. Tickets are selling at RM68 each (for early birds) from AirAsia RedTix and..we can already hear you rushing to get yours.

Just teasing! But seriously, until then, stay on the edge of your seats as you awaited the arrival of Malaysia’s largest rock festival to date. Yes, largest! All 12 hours of it. Count ’em!

For more information visit their Facebook page or website. Or keep yourself in suspense (and constantly updated) via their Twitter.