Makeup like conventional art is all about trial and error but unlike the latter, makeup goes on a canvas that constantly evolves throughout the day depending on weather and to a certain extent your diet and skin condition. Our tropical weather also causes our makeup to melt due to the heat causing certain makeup booboos such as smearing mascara, bleeding lipstick, creasing eyeshadow and cakey foundation.

Here are some of the problems makeup can cause and some quick fix it tips which can save you from looking like a clown, a depressed one that is.

Clumpy Mascara

Your mascara clumps up for two reason. One, because it’s beginning to dry up after many months of use and two, because you’ve put on one too many coats. To avoid your mascara from drying up, always swivel the wand back into the tube and avoid pumping it up and down to prevent air from going into the tube which dries it up faster. You can also use Tsuya Tsuya’s Mascara Toner (RM5.90 for 5ml) to save your drying up mascaras. Simply pump 2 to 3 drops on your mascara brush and slowly roll your brush into the tube. It really does work and since you only need 2 to 3 drops, one bottle of this mascara saver will last for a very long time.

Keep an old mascara brush which has been cleaned and dried or an eyelash comb which you can get for cheap from any pharmacy, beauty shop or even Daiso to separate those flutters of yours and remove excess mascara. Whenever you make a mistake, wait for it to dry before taking a cottonbud dipped in some makeup remover and wiping it off. Wipe gently so that you don’t remove or smear your concealer or foundation.

Overlining the Eyes

The rule of thumb is to choose either to emphasize the eyes or lips but never both together. While we all agree that Amy Winehouse’s signature look turns heads, unless we’re the dazzling bright star she was, this isn’t something you should attempt during as your day makeup along with too much glitter.

Line your eyes according to your shape and use smokey eyeshadow to glam up the look to soften it.

Lipstick Bleeds

If you’re wearing vibrant or dark colors on your lips, always make sure your lips are well moisturized and supple because chapped lips will show up well with color on them. Before you start your makeup, run a soft toothbrush on your lips to brush off dead skin and then apply Vaseline or lipbalm. Blot it off towards the end of your makeup routine before applying the actual lipstick. In the event the color turns out darker than expected, don’t try to remove it off and start over as you may end up smearing onto your skin with foundation already in. Blot it off gently and apply over it a neutral beige lipstick to soften the look. Also try using a lipliner to line your lips before applying lipstick, this will help your lipstick last longer and stay in place.

The Right Foundation

The common mistake most women tend to make when it comes to foundation is choosing the wrong type of foundation (liquid, powder, cream, stick or mineral), wrong shade and wrong tools. While it may be easy to apply with your fingers, using a sponge will prevent you from applying too much make up resulting in a cakey look. A sponge helps to even out and blend the foundation into your skin. Consult the sales assistant before making a purchase by trying the actual product on your face. Sorry to say this but the color of your face does not always match the back of your hand. If you’ve got a foundation which is too light, brush some bronzer using a light hand onto the apples of your cheeks and jawline to give your face some depth. Tops everything off with some translucent loose powder to seal your foundation which prevents it from smudging.

Blushing Beauty

There are many types of blush shades from corals to mocha browns to baby pink to orange so pick one that suits your skin color best. Too avoid getting too much product onto your skin, dip your brush into the powder and tap off the excess before tapping the brush lightly onto your cheeks. Again if the color seems to harsh or dark, use a clean blush brush to blend thoroughly and top it off with translucent powder.

Creasing Eye Shadow

For years, most of us have been applying eyeshadow directly to our lids but in recent years, the invention of eyeshadow primer has been a godsent item. Besides preventing our eyeshadow from creasing or fading, it also makes the colors more vibrant and bright. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Always be careful with eyeshadow fallout, you may want to place a piece of tissue on your cheeks before starting your eye makeup to avoid getting specks all over your face.

Make sure you keep some Q-tips or cottonbuds and a tiny bottle of makeup remover in your purse at all times so that you can quickly fix any makeup slips that occur throughout the day. Alternatively, invest in waterproof makeup and a good makeup remover to put your mind at ease as you go through your many appointments, dinner and parties! Take pictures of yourself with flash and in natural light so you can tell if anything went wrong with your makeup before you head out of the house.