With her bad reputation spilling over her work resume, 25-year-old Lindsay Lohan, also known as “Lilo”, is in trouble once again. The American actress, singer, and model was not always a tragic child star, of course. Let’s take a look at Lilo before her growing up attracted so much bad publicity.

Remember that girl? Redhead, laughing eyes, endearing smile, and those trademark freckles. Ah the days when she was young and innocent, and busy pretending she that has an identical twin in 1998’s “Parent Trap” by Disney. And that was after she appeared in over 100 television commercials as well as completed her stints as a child model for Calvin Klein kids and Abercrombie kids.

Now take a look at Lilo, handcuffed and just about to be taken into custody after a US judge revoked the terms of her probation.

Her career interruptions include a series of irresponsibility and unprofessionalism on her part, as well as various late arrivals and absences on set.

Her claims? That she was constantly unwell, “overheated”, and “dehydrated”. But pictures speak louder than words and when her ongoing all night heavy partying snapshots surfaced, so did her disruptive adolescent behavior.

A few AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings, time spent in jail, DUIs, and visits to the rehab later, it was clear that her life has become completely unmanageable because of her addiction to alcohol and drugs. And recently, she was served yet another legal “banhammer” when she violated the terms of her probation.

Not turning up for community service? Getting into altercations unnecessarily? Failing to attend psychological counseling? Shoplifting? Seriously, shoplifting, Lindsay?

Why she would need to shoplift is beyond us. But well, it looks like she’s going to have to spend even more time behind bars now – while she performs 480 hours of community service. 120 of which, she is to commit to the Los Angeles County Morgue.

Not a very “Disney happy ending” for the child star. Lilo’s career, dead on arrival much?