Bananas, cucumbers, zucchinis, carrots and brinjals, what do all of these have in common apart from being rich in vitamins and nutrients? Well ladies, an Islamic cleric in Europe reckons that these phallic shaped fruits and vegetable can give you naughty thoughts while handling them in the kitchen.

The cleric goes on to say, “If women wish to eat these food items, a male friend of family member, preferable their father or husband should be the one to cut these items into smaller pieces, hidden from the eyes of women, before serving to them.

If that didn’t sound wrong enough on so many levels he also added that if they touched these items while out shopping for groceries, this matter would be between them and God. Is this bewilderment or is this bewilderment, really?

Of course, like all comments that degrade women’s rights, this cleric’s opinions has sparked anger among thousands of Muslims online saying that religious leaders like the former only gave Islam a bad name. If that’s the case, should we ban “siew pau”s, oranges and melons from the boys to make us both equal?

Source: Crescent Post