Apparently, in London, they do Christmas differently. We hear that a LEGO Christmas tree has been constructed out of 600,000 individual pieces. The gigantic “childhood bricks” wonder is about three tonnes in weight and requires a steel frame to support all its glory.

At over 12 meters high (about 33 feet tall), the LEGO Christmas tree has about 172 branches, from which 1,000 LEGO baubles are hung. Yes, even the baubles are made of LEGO bricks.

Why leave any details unattended, right?

The base of the tree, which took two whole months to build, stands on the bottom level of St. Pancras Station with its branches breaking through to the gallery level, with the star almost poking at the roof.

Created by UK’s only certified LEGO professional, Duncan Titchmarsh and “Bright Bricks” (a company famous for their giant LEGO commissions), it’s the world’s largest ever, breaking previously set record of another LEGO Christmas tree of nine meters in height.

When asked, David Buxbaum, LEGO’s Marketing Director said, “The LEGO brand is all about play and creativity and Christmas is the time for celebration and fun. This magnificent Christmas tree is a shining example of these values and shows that with Lego bricks you can let your imagination run wild and build anything. We hope that it will work to remind people that Lego toys are the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

The LEGO Christmas tree can be seen at London’s St. Pancras Railway Station and will be sitting pretty in its place right up till the 2nd of January 2012. So, if you’re going to be in the London neighbourhood anytime from now until then, don’t forget to drop by and..marvel.

Just don’t step on loose LEGO pieces, if any. We know how much that hurts!