Okay, we’ll admit it. Since the beginning of time (read: beginning of Lipstiq), we’ve had a few celebrities on our style watch. So much so that we Google their images from premieres, awards, events, so on and so forth just to see what they’re wearing. And feel sorry for ourselves.

But today, we’re not all that sorry because we finally get to share with you who we think are the top five best dressed women of 2011! You may already know these celebrities whereas some are still sitting quietly under the radar.

Nevertheless, let us introduce you to our fashion crushes:

Victoria Beckham

There’s one woman who ain’t royalty, who is still constantly followed by paparazzi for her fashion choices (or rather, followed by paparazzi because she’s the wife of a world-famous athletic husband). Hailing from the roots of being Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham is the one woman who went from teeny-bopping to being a striking fashion icon.

As a matter of fact, her name usually rolls right off designers’ tongues because she’s close buds with most of them. Over the years, she has not only made her mark as the spokeswoman and model for numerous designers, she has also launched her very own series of fashion lines, starting with DVB.

Victoria continues to be extremely involved with every aspect of her fashion business. Her outfits, although mostly monochromatic, have always been looks that we’ve adored from top to toe. The glamorous mother of four is today, the epitome of class and refined taste.

Kate Middleton

We love princess styles. Real princess styles! Kate Middleton swept us off our feet for the first time with hers. Her engagement sapphire blue wrap dress made such an impact that the dress (by designer Issa) was sold out immediately and style watchers went amok looking for knockoffs.

From safe and conservative to elegant and chic, Kate Middleton was thrust right into the fashion spotlight even before the official engagement announcement. Even supermodels have failed to establish their personal styles as quickly as Kate has.

Her signature look is always glossy, perfect hair and makeup, on top of successfully mixing high street and couture so effortlessly together. You think she would’ve been heavily criticized for her “mix and match” but in fact, throngs of women and designers around the world are already busying themselves trying to mimic her style. Kate Middleton has, without a doubt, created a new milestone. Right after Diana, Princess of Wales, of course.

Kristen Stewart

Yes, we know. Some of you can’t stand her and yet some of you want to be her. Truth be told, we’ve always thought that she’s perpetually expressionless and her wardrobe in the Twilight movie series isn’t exactly “stand out” material (save for the wedding dress in Breaking Dawn). So this piece of news may come as a surprise to a lot of people.

Love her or loathe her, Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan has landed on the best dressed list. Not because she spends a whopping amount on money primping and grooming herself. But because she has proven, time and time again, that she can effortlessly glam it up when it counts.

We’ve seen her on the red carpet on several occasions for various movie premieres, award shows, and events, and we have to say that while she’s still a tad “laidback and grungy”, she has most certainly made it look stunning. Dare we say that Kristen definitely amps up with some of her edge whenever she walks the red carpet!


She may have a killer voice but she ain’t no diva! Perpetually staying in tune with trends and even creating some of her own, Beyoncé has set the bar for her own fashion niche. From the days of Destiny’s Child to Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé is most well-known for her long, wavy hair. Which, we feel, she takes extremely good care of and continues to invent and reinvent different ways to carry it.

In term of style evolution, her red carpet style always leaves us with our mouths agape because she is the one songstress who can still look like a million dollars (and more) even when she attempts to dress down. And there’s only one reason we can think of to justify that – it must be because she’s drop dead gorgeous anyway!

Beyoncé has also always made it known that her mother takes charge of most of her wardrobe choices and fashion ensembles so, what can we say? Awesome fashion styling runs in the family! We are so, so jealous.

Emma Watson

One young starlet has been trying to fight the image of her as the freckled, grumpy, and slightly neurotic (but extremely intelligent) Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter movie series for longest time. Although it was what helped her rise to prominence, it didn’t help that her character stuck with her for more than ten years.

So when she finally became the face Burberry, L’Oreal, and more recently, Lancôme, it catapulted Emma Watson from a little Hogwarts student to a glamorous fashion icon. Watching her grow up on the big screen and blossoming into a genuinely stylish woman in real life was truly, for lack of better expression, a magical experience.

In the recent years, Emma has been wowing us with her edgy but always classy style. Proving to us that yes, she is capable of looking different, appearing more mature, and still stealing our hearts. Said to be our generation’s “English rose”, she’s constantly stealing the paparazzi’s attention. And ours, of course.