Gone were the days where wearing rubber flip-flops with a pair of jeans or a maxi dress was considered a style disaster. Gone were the times when rubber flip-flops were made from, well, just rubber and in plain white and blue. In more recent times, they have become fashion accessories and to the eyes of style watchers, fashion statements – much more so when Havaianas first burst into the footwear market.

Created in 1962 by Sao Paulo Alpargatas, a highly renowned and very traditional Brazilian footwear and apparel company, it was initially a tribute to Hawaii. Today, Havaianas has grown to be a trendsetting iconic pure rubber flip-flop fashion accessory seen on celebrities around the world such as Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Aniston. You could say that they revolutionalized the way people wear flip-flops around the world.

When asked, Anna Gonzalez, founder of distribution company Viva Brasil behind Havaianas Malaysia said, “Since Havaianas launched its first standalone store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur last year, we have experienced positive reaction from the market; The opening of two more stores in KLCC and Bangsar late this year should allow even more Malaysians to embrace the Havaianas lifestyle.

The coming year promises to be a fun and fashion-filled year with the “2012 Havaianas Collection”. Upping the ante with a brand new range of styles and refreshing popular Havaianas classics with new interpretations, the new “2012 Havaianas Collection” features flip-flops that draw inspiration from nature, pop culture, fashion trends, and timeless elegance:

1. Havaianas Na Rua

Havaianas Na Rua incorporates urban artwork from three renowned graffiti artists (Highraff, Speto, and Zezao), showcasing energetic and vibrant designs.

2. Havaianas Aero

Havaianas Aero is made from a lighter rubber compound which makes it super light and therefore delicate on your feet when taking one of those super long walks.

3. Havaianas 4 Nite

Havaianas 4 Nite is especially created for the playful yet trendy urban male and it carries unique glow-in-the-dark designs. It truly is a “stand out” pair!

4. Havaianas Slim Crystal Mesh

Havaianas Slim Crystal Mesh features tiny, gleaming girlish sparkles that are casual enough to go with a pair of jeans yet sophisticated enough for a skirt or a maxi dress.

5. Havaianas Baby Chic

Havaianas Baby Chic is a showcase of cute and stylish designs to ensure that your baby’s first steps will be towards fun fashion.

With a dynamic and wide range of exciting fresh styles and vibrant colours, Havaianas will allow fun-loving and fashion-forward Malaysian to effortlessly make a fashion statement every day of the new year!

Want one?

The Havaianas flip-flops are available at these stores:

1. h the all-havaianas store, 4th Floor, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
2. TriBeCa, Bangsar Village II, Bangsar Baru
3. M Stores (M Women & M Men), The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

For more information visit their website or their Facebook page.