Men love women who can take charge both in the office and well, in bed. If you’re a total dork when it comes to bedroom romps then you might want to read up as these are some of the main complaints men made about us women when it comes to sex.

Being unresponsive

I once had a male friend tell me that his girl would often lie there during intercourse, like a dead fish before I could yell out, “TMI, TMI!“. Like everything else in life, we want to know that our work is receiving due recognition so don’t be afraid to make some sounds and express how you’re feeling. In fact, knowing that you’re enjoying yourself will only turn him on even more. Don’t hold back.

Who goes first?

This is perhaps the number one complain men have about women: never initiating sex. It’s hot when a man knows that a woman wants him and is a boost to his self esteem because he feels desired and wanted physically. Don’t always wait around for him to make the move because after awhile he might feel that you’re only doing it because he wants sex and you’re just fulfilling his needs.

Take charge

Most women never hit the Big O because guys don’t exactly have a map to guide them around down there so you’ve got to be vocal and give him directions. You are partly responsible for your orgasms so share with him what turns you on and where you like to be touched. If you’re shy about talking, guide his hands with yours.

Don’t limit sex to the bedroom

If you’ve watched enough rom-coms you’d realize that that the bedroom isn’t the only place where lovemaking can take place. While we don’t advocate public places because our poor eyes can only take so much, there are plenty of closed door spaces where you can surprise your man unexpectedly. It’s the fastest and easiest way to add some spice to your relationship without learning a new move or two. You will never look at your kitchen the same way again.

Erotic buds

There’s a joke that goes 9 out of 10 men are obsessed with boobs and while we can’t understand why our racks big or small seem to draw men like flies to cakes, it’s the nipples that hold a concentration of nerve endings and are usually regarded as erogenous. The truth is, it’s also the same for men so don’t skip his upper region the next time you’re using some tongue. Just remember to be gentle alright?

Okay so these tips won’t make you a goddess in bed they’ll definitely make you a better and more thoughtful lover. Play an active role in your relationship whether it’s making financial decisions or sexual ones.

Have fun and oh, play safe!