Christmas 2011: “An Enchanting Christmas Kingdom” at the Curve

We love the extraordinary effort that shopping malls put into their Christmas themes. It is the only time of the year that every nook and cranny is filled with Christmas trees of varying sizes and heights, and loads of colourful baubles!

At the Curve in Mutiara Damansara, they’ve taken the jolly festive season this year with their “An Enchanting Christmas Kingdom” theme.

Visit the world of kings and queens, knights, fairies, and wizards. Where quaint castle shops line scenic streets in an Enchanting Christmas Kingdom at the Curve.

But of course, they didn’t go as far as just lovely decorations only – Christmas at the Curve will also bring you “A Christmas Dance Production”, where shoppers will get to discover the tales of Queen Clarisa, Proteus the Snow Wizard, Princess Sherwina, Snowbell the Ice Fairy and more.

Aside from the musicals and shows, “An Enchanting Christmas Kingdom” also carries a festive calendar filled with exciting activities such as Christmas costume contest, craft-making workshops, and fun fashion shows. Do you know that even your little ones will be kept entertained while you rush out to grab those last minute Christmas gifts.

And speaking of gifts, the Christmas bazaar at the Curve is also happening every day! Yay!

Last but not least, because the Curve believes in giving back to the society, they have implemented their very own festive fundraising. All shoppers will have to do is give a donation of minimum RM2 (to “Precious Children Home”) to receive an exclusive wrapping paper plus greeting card.

Or, spend a minimum of RM200 to stand a chance to win great prizes! Are you hastily making your way over to the Curve yet? Well, you better hurry cause we’re only less than a week away from Christmas!

(Go here to view more pictures of the Curve’s “An Enchanting Christmas Kingdom)

For more information visit their website.

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