Sports at your fingertips

It’s a Friday evening and you’re itching to put on your running shoes and hit some balls (tennis that is, what were you thinking tsk tsk) but here’s the problem: you can’t find a partner because all your friends are busy, you need a venue and because you’ve just picked up the game, you want someone who’s on the same level as you are. At this point, the idea of playing tennis seems to drift further and further away but what if we told you all that was possible with just a few clicks?

Popular TV personality and host Jay Menon is the brain behind SCOXX, a social community network for sport enthusiasts. Being an avid fan of sports herself, the ESPN host knew the difficulty most Malaysian had when it came to sports. It’s not that we’re lazy but sometimes it’s much more fun to have a like-minded partner especially when it comes to team sports such as futsal, volleyball and badminton.

SCOXX is a free social networking service which has likened themselves to the Facebook of sports where users can sign up for a profile where they can display their preferred sports and skill levels so that they can hook up with other members with similar interests and skill levels.

There are over 35 types of sports listed from badminton to futsal, to unconventional sports such as fishing and horse riding.

The site also lists public events such as tournaments and marathons around Malaysia. SCOXX was launched last month and is still in its infancy but we truly think that it is a novel idea and that it will pick up in months to come.

You get to search for sports facilities near your area and search for available players narrowed down to the sport, gender and age range. It will also provide detailed overviews about nutrition, sports medicine as well as coaches and personal trainers in the future.

There is also a discussion area where members can arrange for sport meets, register their attendance and receive updates on any activities. No more calling each other to find out if the game is on! If you’re one of those who are often involved in group sports, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

So to sum it all up, join SCOXX, expand your social network and be healthy while you’re it! Sounds like a great new year resolution, no?

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