Can you remember the last time you woke up contented, without feeling cranky and hating on the little things? The truth is, out late night outs and sometimes too early morning meetings are some of the reasons why we’re never in the spirit to face the day with a smile. All this can be traced down to your habits and lifestyle so don’t play the blame game! Some small changes can make a huge difference between having a productive morning or a cloudy, foggy blur. Here’s how you can make your mornings a little fresher.

1. Wake up naturally

If all of us didn’t rely on out trusty alarm clocks, we’d all end up snuggling the pillows till noon. Quality trumps over the quantity of sleep and you know it if you wake up refreshed or lethargic and groggy. Have a regular sleeping pattern so that your normal wake up schedule comes naturally. That way you’ll get the deep sleep you’ve always needed and your body will programme itself to feel tired and wake up consistently every single day.

2. Stretchhhhhhh

To have a good rest, you must make sure you invest in a good pillow and bed with back support. It might cost a bit in the beginning but over the weeks you’ll realize it’s money well spent. The moment you wake up, pull some easy stretches. Stretch your arms and legs for about 5 to 10 minutes before you continue your morning routine. You’ll immediately feel energized. Exercise helps produce that that keeps you happy and cheerful! Alternatively, a little pillow fight will definitely put a smile to your face.

3. Say no to caffeine

Over 80% of adults say that they can’t go without caffeine in the morning to start them up but over consumption of caffeine can leave you jumpy, irritated and unable to focus. If you rely on it to keep you awake and alert, you might see yourself getting tired as its effects wear off throughout the day. Taking another glass of Coffee or Coke may help you get through the rest of the day but you’re just postponing sleep. When your body is tired, its telling you that it needs to slow down and get some rest. Control your caffeine intake and trying switching to a healthier alternative such as green tea.

Try these steps and let us know if they work. Like the old saying goes, sleep early, wake up early!

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