It was a night where celebrities, business partners, members of the media, as well as fine ladies and gentlemen were taught to see things differently. The ladies were decked in gorgeous red. And the men, in suave black. Needless to say, Rootz Club Kuala Lumpur was filled with a throng of people who were dressed to the nines.

The night was also filled with performances and activities that set Hugo Boss apart from other fragrances. We simply couldn’t tear our eyes away! An illusionist, a kickin’ dance performance from a group of an extraordinary genre, and..well, don’t take it from us alone – watch this video:

Hugo Boss launches “Just Different”, a new fragrance for men, for the edgy souls who inhabit the urban jungle. Driven by creative energy, the fragrance exudes:

• Top Notes: drives the freshness with a cool signature with a ‘frozen’ mint accord.
• Heart notes: light and fruity floral character tempered with herbs, it combines freesia with basil and coriander.
• Base notes: rich blend of patchouli, cashmeran, oilbanum and labdanum creating a smooth, rich dry-down with soft warmth.

The scent is the perfect partner for the original Hugo Man, a day-to-night transition that is as smooth as a well-blended cocktail. Where its predecessor is bright, “Just Different” is warm and embracing, which is perfect for the urban night.

Best of all (aside from the scent, this, the ladies would definitely highly approve of) the campaign is fronted by the none other than the delicious Jared Leto:

Here. Words from the man himself. When asked about the campaign, he said, “Hugo Boss inspires men to succeed through creativity, which is something I’ve aimed for my entire career. Like the Hugo Man, I look for inspiration in everything around me and seek out unusual and unexpected things and experiences.”

We’re only too happy to agree!

“Just Different” is, all-in-all, a vibrant fragrance with a cool twist to inspire whatever you do. It is for the man who takes inspiration from everything around him. For the man who is the catalyst for new experiences. And for the man who takes fast, energetic, and spontaneous steps on his unusual journey.

Hugo Boss’ “Just Different” is for the man who dares to be different.

For more information visit their website.