How many times have you bought an awesome just-what-you’ve-been-looking-for lipstick shade only to find out that in less than just a few months after your purchase, it gets discontinued because it’s “off season”? Oh, bummer!

But now, you can opt to salvage your favourite lipstick or, play mad scientist and create a personalized shade in just a few minutes. With “Lipstix Remix”, you’ll be given the tools to save your favourite shade or combined two (or more) shades and call it your very own creation! With their awesome kit, you can even repair that broken or melted lipstick that you’ve, for a long time now, helplessly been mourning over.

“Lipstix Remix” is a super cool system that includes a patent pending lipstick mold that provides an affordable and easy way to rescue your lipstick. All you need to do is melt it down in the microwave, pour it all into the “Lipstix Remix” mold provided, freeze it for 10 minutes, and you’re done!

Watch how it’s done here:

This works especially well if and when you’re on a budget or if you’re tired of looking high and low for replicas of your favourite lipstick. Hurray! Get it here for just USD19.95 (RM57).

For more information visit their website.