Hailing from Utah, United States, Skullcandy was founded in 2003 to produce and market high-end headphones and earphones. The brand soon became one of the world’s most distinct audio brands when they injected lifestyle elements into their products. Audio brands, otherwise monochromatic, was brought to life once again when Skullcandy brought colours, character, and of course, performance into the market.

It would be fair to say that the audio arena was revolutionized by them!

Skullcandy has also bagged awards for their “Roc Nation Aviator” headphones and their evolutionary fitting “FIX” earbuds. And now, they are continuing to redefine world-class audio performance and style. Their portfolio includes working with rapper, Jay-Z, to design “Roc Nation Aviator” headphones and also two “Skullcrushers” with Snoop Dogg themed designs.

Today, Skullcandy takes “high-end” to a whole new level.

As of recent, fashion mogul D&G has partnered with Skullcandy to create a fashion-forward line of headphones for the luxury brand savvy. Determined to turn heads, the limited edition line was first featured on the Milan runway in the D&G Winter 2012 line.

The fashion house is putting their own twist on some Skullcandy products such as the “Lowrider”, “Aviator”, “G.I.”, and “Hesh” headphones with the notable D&G branding on the headband.

When asked, Clarke Miyasaki, VP of Skullcandy’s Business Development said, “Skullcandy has always blended fashion into its design process. We look forward to the growth potential of this collection with D&G.”

Avid high fashion followers, you excited? These star-quality headphones are going for as low as USD50 (RM145) and as high as USD195 (RM565). Go get!

For more information visit their website or their Facebok page.