Why limit Valentine’s Day gifts to only girly presents (flowers, soft toys, chocolates, and the likes) when you can have some of that “lady love” in the form of techie gifts? Uniq definitely knows where it’s at when it comes setting our hearts aflutter with their “geek girl” Valentine’s Day edition cases. Made with love.

Their “I Heart You So” cases are custom made for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, offering iGadgets protection from great falls and accidental dents or scratches. Of course, no girly techie gift would be complete without pretty designs. And, ahem, no “geek girl” would be complete without iGadget cases that don’t stand out.

Uniq’s iPad 2 “I Heart You So” case is covered with cute little miniature hearts against a glossy back (priced at USD40 or RM121.60) whereas the iPhone 4S “I Heart You So” case features a big, crimson red heart (priced at USD70 or RM212.80).

Want ‘em?

Go here for the deets on the iPad 2 case and here for the deets on the iPhone 4S case.