So it’s finally here after months of anticipation. And the countdown finally comes to a halt today. We’ve heard their songs, we’ve silently (or not so silently) rooted for them, and we’re pretty sure some of us have even tried doing covers of their music. Uh, operative word being “tried”.

We all know that these internationally-famous artistes aren’t famous for nothing! But while we await the full list of winners of the 54th annual Grammy Awards, let’s now take at their award-winning dresses, suits, and for some, T-shirts.

Kicking right back up from her recent throat surgery and looking absolutely gorgeous at the Staples Center in Los Angeles is none other than Adele! She showed off a new do and a slimmer figure in a beautiful, striking Armani gown. With six nominations sitting around awaiting her acceptance speech, we can only say, “Wow! She’s definitely dressed to bag a Grammy tonight!

He walked the red carpet knowing that he had five big nominations for this year’s Grammy’s. And as of press time, he has already walked away with three awards! Sonny Moore aka Skrillex strutted in dressed in his signature black. And to be honest, we didn’t expect anything more (or anything less) from the person who just put Electronic Dance Music (EDM) on the map, through and through!

Here’s one glamorous lady we haven’t seen in awhile. Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas (BEP) arrived in a sheer orange lace Jean Paul Gaultier gown. A little peekaboo, might we add, because Fergie, we can see your underwear! Then again, the spunky and edgy BEP leading lady is probably the only person we know who can pull this sexy look off effortlessly.

Is Carrie Underwood perpetually sweet or what? One of America’s most well-known “girl next door”-type artiste worked the 54th annual Grammy Awards in a white long-sleeved sequined Gomez-Garcia gown. She also made it a point to subtly enhance her gorgeous outfit with simple jewels and a stunning up-do. Incredibly chic, Carrie! We love.

And the winner of the “Best Rock Song” award this year goes to the Foo Fighters! Now here’s a group of men we haven’t seen in awhile. But we have to say, they’ve definitely cleaned up well for the Grammy’s. The Foo Fighters walked tall and proud in matching black blazers and equally matching happy grins. Aww. They’re holding hands too!

First, she was cotton-candy pink. Then, she’s all blue. True style chameleon Katy Perry and her blue hair totally matched her pretty pale blue beaded Elie Saab gown. We love how it sweeps right across the awards’ red carpet. And nevermind colour blocking. This one definitely takes the awards for a stand out outfit!

To be honest, we were seriously looking out for Lady Gaga’s outrageous wear this year. But we were extremely (and we mean extremely) distracted by Nicki Minaj. We’re not sure why but she decided to dress like a priestess. Or rather, an evil priestess. From Versace, no less. So distracted, we’re still staring at it. Gosh!

Canadian producer and geek extraordinaire Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 pulls off yet another one of his epic stunts. “Mau5head” aside, for the 54th annual Grammy Awards this year, he decided to don on a T-shirt. Not just any T-shirt. According to his rampant live tweets, the numbers on his T-shirt is in fact, Skrillex’s phone number. Gasp! Bad mau5, bad!

Ah, Rihanna. A few of us want to sing like her. A few of us want to look like her. And many of us want to be her (minus the Chris Brown fiasco). The bodacious singer turned up in a simple black Armani dress which highlighted all her bootylicious curves perfectly! That plunging neckline and low back, well, leaves very little for imagination. Totally gorgeous.

Kelly Osbourne makes a grand entrance on the 54th annual Grammy Awards red carpet today looking like anything but the usual Kelly Osbourne we know. And we mean it in the nicest way! She dazzles this year, looking resplendent in an embellished silver sequinned gowns. Topped off with soft, lilac curls. Aww.

So there you have it! Some of the top looks we spotted at the 54th annual Grammy Awards this year. The show is still ongoing and we’re still updating it as it happens to keep a lookout for more of the Grammy’s on our Facebook page.