The “Little Black Dress”, better known as the LBD, is a must-have for every girl. And we’re not just fishing this fact out of thin air. The style essential was first introduced by Coco Chanel herself in the 1920s. The idea was then made famous by the quintessential Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

It’s true, the classic LBD can go a very long way – from being an item you can wear to the office and then straight to a party after. But of course, there are the additions of the right accessories to complement your LBD – especially if you want or need to stand out among all the other LBDs (see, we told you it’s a must-have!).

Here are some things you can do to jazz up your LBD:

1. Step up with statement shoes.

Shoes can provide a contrasting colour or style to the dress. However, do yourself a favour and make sure that you shoes don’t drown in the same colour. Choosing the right shoes means that you would need a pair that would make a statement (read: a feature pair). Let it draw attention to your feet with your LBD as a backdrop. We’re thinking, red, fuchsia, or bright electric blue.

2. Bling up, doll!

Donned in just your LBD alone can prove to be a bit boring. You don’t want to draw questions like, “Are you attending a funeral? Who died?” So use jewelry to brighten up and add a certain charm to your outfit. Show off your favourite jewelry pieces, wear dangly earrings, deck your wrists with pretty bracelets, or stick a huge ring on one of your fingers. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive but believe us, it makes a mile of a difference.

3. It’s a wrap.

You’re attending a dinner event; you know it’s going to get pretty cold. But you just have got to wear the LBD, without draping on an unflattering cardigan or a pashmina. What do you do? Add a scarf! Scarves can make a lovely addition to a LBD. However, be sure to select one that has got a print or a pattern that will stand out, and avoid looking gaudy! A silk scarf usually does the job pretty well.

4. Clutch it or sling it.

You know what else is bound to catch the eyes of other envious women? A dazzling bag! Choose one that is sure to get noticed because your LBD is going to serve as the most apt backdrop to anything that you’re holding or have slung over one shoulder. A bag is usually treated as the “last piece of the puzzle” to complete your overall look. So make sure it is of good quality, in clean condition, and most of all, make sure that it sparkles!

And there you have it, simple foolproof ways to instantly make your LBD that much more desirable. Just remember to always keep your LBD nicely clean (a lint brush is your best friend) and ironed or properly pressed. And please, don’t over accessorize!