There are only so many tops or dresses our wallets can say yay to every month and until it’s sales season once again, we have to sadly say nay. Fortunately splurging on accessories is much more affordable and you can jazz up the very same outfit with bold necklaces. Many of us tend to have a simple thin necklace with a little pendant probably given to us by a loved one and while they have sentimental value, they don’t exactly stand out in a crowd.

Once in a while, you may want to tuck that little necklace of yours away and take on some bold statement necklaces to transform the pieces you already have in your closet.

A statement necklace will instantly dress up any look from a boring monotone tank top to a plain baby tee. Just make sure your necklace is in a color that contrasts your top otherwise, it’ll just blend in.

Wearing a bold necklace will bring attention to your shoulders and neckline and it can easily take your look from day to night all with a change of these versatile neck pieces! Keep a few in your car after work so that if you need to head out to an event or party, these necklaces will give you turn you from corporate to socialite!

There are all types of bold necklaces depending on the trends so keep an eye on who’s wearing what and where. There’s the collar necklace, bow tie, bib or long layered strands. All of which have to be selected carefully to match your outfit of choice. For example, a collar type may not be suitable on a turtleneck top but long layered strands will. Bold necklaces will turn heads wherever you are as only the boldest of women will dare to take them on, are you one of them?

Tell us what you’d wear them with!