Are you one of those, scanning fashion magazine to update your wardrobe every month? What is hot, what is not. Trend is ever evolving , you blink and you might miss! Anyway these are the few key trends now and we are loving it!

Pair that long flowy dress with a black jacket or cardigan for a more casual feel. Great for Sunday brunch.

White pointy heels! All pointy heels look good on most woman, but a white one is fashionable right now.

Call them what you want. Yellow or neon or lemon. Fact is the hue is in right now, and the stars of Hollywood are loving the blazers!

So we already know white pointy heel are in. Add another to the list. Dual toned cap is hot this season so keep a lookout for such designs when shopping.

A little flesh is always deemed sexy and this cutout dresses is just what you need. Do like the stars and keep the design simple.

Your next shopping spree, make sure you keep a lookout for these styles!