As a purveyor of premium indulgence since 1989, Magnum is a brand that resonates with luxury, a rare reward for many as children but now that we’re older, Magnum ice creams continue to be a treat most of adults continue to look forward. Magnum has continued to innovate itself throughout the years with its premium Belgian Chocolate variants in Classic, Almond, Chocolate Truffle and now Choco-Cappuccino flavours.

In line with Magnum’s campaign theme of “Enjoy the Royal Treatment”, the brand is seeking to reward consumers with the pleasures of high end fashion through a online game based contest called “Magnum Fashion Royale” where four luxurious labels who will be extending their works of art to complete the entire experience.
The luxury labels that Magnum has collaborated with place plenty of emphasis on pleasure, taste, effort and the overall quality of the experience just like the ice cream brand themselves. These four labels are Eric Choong, Granoff, Michael Ong and Zang Toi who will grace the winners with a customized couture piece and a Magnum inspired accessory each.

“The impeccable quality and couture standards truly capture the royal and luxurious essence of Magnum,” said Hugo Verkuil, Marketing Director of Unilever Malaysia at the Magnum launch which saw socialites and celebrities in a star-studded soiree at Shook!, Starhill Gallery.

He said, “The iconic Magnum has always been a symbol of luxury and pleasure . Last year, Magnum revolutionized the way consumers enjoy the two ultimate pleasures in life by successfully introducing Magnum ice cream featuring Belgian chocolate in every bite. After all, Malaysians love their coffee and now, they can get their daily fix of cappuccino in the most indulging way-coated in thick “cracking” Belgian chocolate!”

Today we talk to Zang Toi to find out more about his designs and inspirations behind the couture dress for the winner of the Magnum Fashion Royale.

The Zang Toi Spring and Fall 2012 Collection has plenty of muted tines such as browns and blacks as compared to the collections of other designers. Why and what are the inspirations for this year’s collections?

The New York press labelled me as the man who gave women back their curves and I’ve always favoured structured and form fitting clothes. My collections this year are inspired by the Gstaad Ski Resort, 50s inspired look for women who want to put effort to look glamorous, confident and powerful regardless of where they are at any time of the day. We create over 32 to 39 looks each season and each piece is meticulously crafted and stitched from the beaded capes to the labels themselves.

How long do you spend on each collection?

We take a month to sketch out the designs and another two weeks to produce them.

How have your designs evolved and changed over the years?

Initially, I was more adventurous when it came to colors but now I prefer neutrals and muted tones, colors that are more mature to be more accurate.

Tell us more about the collaboration with Magnum and the couture piece that you will be designing for the winner.

The couture piece for the winner is actually based one of our designs in our Fall 2012 collection (pic below) but customized in terms of fabric material and color to suit them because every individual is different, some with more curves the other and shades that flatter each uniquely.

The Magnum Fashion Royale contest gives consumers the opportunity to own a customized couture dress and be involved in the entire process from taking measurements to the selection of material to the final fitting, an experience that is hardly present when it comes to mass market brands.

Here’s how you can enter the MAGNUM Fashion Royale Contest:

Step 1: LIKE
‘Like’ the Magnum Facebook Page and click the “Fashion Royale” tab or

Step 2: PLAY
Play MAGNUM Fashion Royale. Complete the challenges in your selected closets to score points. Beware of trick closets! This will bring them into an enchanting world of fabulous walk-in closets that are inspired by high fashion. In the game, participants will have to enter three (3) closets and complete the fashion-themed challenges within to collect points. A bonus closet will be granted when the participant invites a friend into the contest, bringing the maximum of closets they can enter daily to four (4)! Participants then register their details to submit their high scores and be eligible for the contest.

Step 3: SCORE
Keep trying to improve your high score! The better it is, the higher your chances of winning that designer outfit! Keep playing everyday to increase your chances of winning because only the topmost high score will be tabulated for the winner’s list!

The contest is divided into two (2) rounds.

Round 1: 2 March 2012 – 31 March 2012 (Zang Toi, Eric Choong and Michael Ong)
Round 2: 1 April 2012 – 30 April 2012 (Zang Toi, Eric Choong and Granoff)

Each round will have three (3) participants with the topmost high scores, and in highest score ranking order, the participant will get to select his/her luxury label first.


The new Magnum Choco-Cappuccino is now available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and petrol marts; and will be available individually for the suggested retail price of RM3.90 or multipacks (box of 3) for the suggested price of RM11.70. Magnum ice cream with Belgian Chocolate is now available in 4 delicious flavours made with only the finest ingredients. Here are the available flavours:

Magnum Classic: A smooth creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a layer of thick cracking Belgian Chocolate.

Magnum Almond: A smooth creamy vanilla ice cream covered with a thick cracking layer of Belgian Chocolate and crunchy almond pieces.

Magnum Chocolate Truffle:  A smooth chocolate truffle swirled through deliciously creamy chocolate ice cream and covered in a layer of thick cracking Belgian Chocolate.

Magnum Choco-Cappuccino:  A smooth coffee sauce swirled through deliciously creamy vanilla ice cream and coated in a layer of thick cracking Belgian Chocolate and sweet crunchy pieces.