There’s no denying it – she takes everything to the edge but she doesn’t crash. In fact, it helps her rise above others. What are we on about? Well, not just her music, but also her fashion sense.

The cool have spotted her, and she’s perpetually on style watchers’ radars. And it’s all because she dares to be expressive – and different. No harm in experimenting, we say! We love ’em all.

Here she is rocking a pair of Doc Marts-like boots:

(Source: Getty Images)

And here she is very “LOOKBOOK-ish”, looking fresh out of bed. We love those shorts!:

(Source: Lani Lee Photoshoot)

Christina doesn’t just do edgy, street style. She dishes out the glam when she needs to. Check out her 2012 BRIT Awards dress:

(Source: Getty Images)

Also, her Echo Music Awards getup:

(Source: Getty Images)

Have you seen what Christina looks like on a totally normal day? Maybe like this:

Or this:

(Source: Lani Lee Photoshoot)

We especially want to hang out with her when she’s all hyper and looking like this:

Or full on rocking out like this:

(Source: Inked Magazine)

First a symbol of soul (via her music), next a symbol of style. We love how she has shown the world that a girl doesn’t always have to be sweet and demure. Now, wouldn’t you want to go shopping with Christina Perri too? We know we do!

Perhaps there would be an opportunity say, oh we don’t know, when she comes to Malaysia?

A girl (and most likely a lot of guys out there) can dream, right?

For more information, visit her official website.