Lindsay told Matt Lauer on the Today show, last February, that parties were “not my thing anymore” and that she had become “more of a homebody”. So, imagine our shock when we found out she was involved in not one, but TWO pub brawls in the span of 10 days!

Lindsay Lohan allegedly threw a drink in a woman’s face. The altercation began while Lindsay and the woman were partying at the Smoke and Mirrors nightclub. Lindsay allegedly walked up to the woman, tapped her on the shoulder, and angrily asked, “Did you bump into me?” The woman denied the bump and suggested that one of the guys who was with Lindsay might have bumped into her. Lindsay mentioned that the guy in question was her father, Michael Lohan, and when the woman asked, “You go clubbing with your dad?” Lindsay yelled, “Shut the f— up,” and threw a drink at her.

Michael Lohan, her father however gave an interview to TMZ Live , saying that the woman threw a drink on Lindsay. He then escorted his daughter out of the club.

In another incident at the same bar with another woman, Lindsay allegedly pushed the woman after catching her talking to one of Lindsay’s male friends. At the time, Lindsay’s rep, Steve Honig, called the story “a lie,” saying that the actress had been at home that night watching TV. Law enforcement officials later said in a report that a surveillance video showed her at the club that night!

When Lindsay’s formal probation regarding 2007 DUI charges ended last month, Judge Stephanie Sautner advised the actress to “Live your life in a more mature way. Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work.” From the looks of it, we hardly doubt Lohan has any plans to play by the book!