Always wanted to be a star but never had the chance to perform live where people can see your talent?

Well guess again! Lipstiq has something for you young inspiring artists. The YouTube To You Live Sing Off kicks off today and now you may have the chance to perform live at Laundry.

So what is this new program about? As we all know, Laundry has always showed its tremendous support towards local artists and has always been supporting the music industry to bring out the talents hidden in many through out the country.


The YouTube To You Love Sing Off is a competition opened for all Malaysians above the age of 18 who enjoys to sing. All you would need is a webcam and an awesome voice and you are in.

The main aim of this competition is to give young locals a platform where they can start to shine.

So what do you do exactly? All you would need to do is to record your performance and send it via

The top 50 submissions will be reviewed and the online voting for the top 10 videos will be selected. These top 10 performers will be able to perform two songs live at Laundry after which it will be narrowed down to 6 and 3.The judges of this competition will be The Azenders, An Honest Mistake, Liyana Fizi and Pesawat.


It doesn’t matter if you perform in a group, solo or in a band. Everyone is welcomed to join this competition.

The grand winner will be able to perform live at Laundry and would receive RM5000 cash, RM1000 cash voucher from Laundry and a chance to stage a “Live Concert” at Laundry in July.

If you think you have got what it takes to win this competition, then start your recording tonight and you would never know if people start noticing you everywhere because of your excellent voice!