Summer is here and we are for sure to visit the beach right? But as we walk on the beach with our colourful beach wares, we would also want to snap great pictures. Looking pretty in these pictures are not enough as we would also want to capture the beauty of the beach and its surrounding.

Lomography is back and this time around they would like to introduce their new summer edition cameras to you.

The La Sardina Beach edition comes in two different sets and it is entirely up to you to choose which one you would prefer to use.

If you prefer the set which comes together with the flash, then you should be grabbing that great looking La Sardina Capri. This analogue camera was named after the island of Capri because of the amazing scenery shots which it could capture. It is the perfect companion which you should be carrying around during this holiday to the beach.  It can be used to capture amazing beach side sceneries in just a flash.

The La Sardina Capri comes in 5 different colours and is wide angled. Pick a suitable theme which depicts your personality best and see how you and your friends would look excellent on the beach. Click here to purchase this now:

If you prefer a camera which has no flash, then you should be choosing the La Sardina St. Tropez which is specially meant for capturing  nature based images. The striking blue beach and the amazing orange sun will be the main highlight of every picture which you take. The ability of this camera to capture shots of you snorkling or swimming is amazing as it will not only make you look good but it will make any person who sees your picture fall in love with the amazing backgrounds.

The La Sardina St. Tropez also comes in 5 different shades and it is up to you to pick which one your prefer best. Click here to purchase this now:

So what are you waiting for? Hurry now and get these cameras now! For more information on lomography and about the La Sardina collection, click here :